Top 8 loại Giấy thơm quần áo có mùi hương được yêu thích nhất

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To make clothes last longer, in addition to using fabric softener like the traditional method, you can also use scented paper to make perfume for clothes. You will be amazed at the multitude of clothing fragrance papers on the market today. Therefore, this article will summarize specific and detailed information about the top 8 best clothing fragrance papers to help you choose a model. scented paper for clothes most suitable for you.

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Uses of clothes scented paper


Besides the use of helping your clothes always smell fresh all day long, scented paper for clothes It also offers many other great benefits.


  • Scented papers are effectively mildew resistant so you are free to place them anywhere in your home that is prone to moisture.
  • In addition, clothes scented paper also helps to repel ants and termites in the wardrobe for you.
  • You can also use clothes scented paper to clean stains on glass walls or TVs and other items conveniently and effectively.
  • Clothes scented paper also has the benefit of helping to soften clothes, reducing dirt as well as hairs clinging to clothes.
  • At the same time, the deodorization of shoes with scented paper is extremely effective, you just need to put those clothes scented papers in the shoes and leave overnight.
  • Moreover, the clothes scented paper is also an item to help purify and clean the air. You can optionally put it in your car or somewhere in the house to always live in a cleaner atmosphere.

Top 8 most popular types of good clothes scented paper

There are many ways to scent clothes, but using scented paper is the method most women choose to create scent on their clothes and wardrobe. In the following, the article will continue to list 8 brands that provide scented paper for clothes most reliable today.

1. Bounce clothes scented paper

Bounce clothes scented paper originated from the US with a light, fresh scent from nature. Designed in the form of scented paper, this product will help keep your wardrobe fresh for a long time with just a thin, light scented paper.


Bounce clothes scented paper Suitable for even the pickiest people, this is a product that anyone can use easily. Just a sheet of paper will give your clothes a cool and refreshing scent that will help you confidently wear your clothes when going out. Besides, the composition of Bounce clothes fragrance paper includes biodegradable cationic fibers softeners of natural fabrics and fresh scents also come from nature. With those safe ingredients, consumers can safely use Bounce clothing fragrance paper every day.

Reference price: 200,000 VND/160 sheets

2. Kirkland clothes scented paper

Perhaps you are no stranger to this Kirkland clothing fragrance product if you are a follower of scents. By Kirkland clothes scented paper brings an extremely attractive scent to satisfy even the most demanding guests. The product creates a pleasant scent and keeps the scent for a long time. In particular, Kirkland scented paper also uses special technology to keep your clothes smelling good for 30 days.


In addition to keeping an attractive scent for clothes, it also increases moisture absorption, protects clothes from mold, helps repel unpleasant insects such as flies, cockroaches, mice, mosquitoes as well as increases humidity. Soft for clothes and protects clothes from harmful agents from the environment.

Reference price: 250,000 VND/250 sheets.

3. Lenor scented paper for clothes

The next recommended product is scented paper for clothes brand Lenor. This is also a great option to help you leave a lasting fragrance on your clothes. As one of the European favorite brands and now it is even more popular and trusted by many customers around the world. The product has a light, luxurious and pleasant fragrance that helps you feel confident all day long.

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Reference price: 146,000 VND/25 sheets

4. Snuggle clothes scented paper

Right when looking at the product, customers are easily attracted with the design of the Snuggle scented paper box which is a cute bear image with harmonious color combination, Each color of the box has its own main scent such as: green box Cool natural fragrance, blue box has a neutral scent and pink box has a sweet and romantic floral scent.

Clothes scented paper

Snuggle scents are also appreciated for their variety from mild to enticing scents. With those positive aspects of the product, customers certainly can’t miss a product Snuggle clothes scented paper such reputation and quality.

Reference price: 80,000 VND / 40 sheets.

5. Breezy scented paper for clothes

Next is a clothing fragrance paper product imported from the United States with a variety of different scents for you to choose from, including Lavender, Sunshine Sky Fresh, Fresh Collection and Tropical.


One box of products Breeze’s clothes scented paper there are 40 sheets so you can use it from 3 to 5 months depending on how often you use it. With just 1 Breezy sheet, you can scent up to 12 clothes. This is both convenient and much more economical than using fabric softener or perfume.

Reference price: 65,000 VND/40 sheets.

6. Denkmit Garment Fragrance Paper

This is a multi-purpose scented paper product because with just a thin sheet of paper, it can have many different uses including bleaching, deodorizing and removing unpleasant odors on clothes.


When using Denkmit clothing fragrance paper, You need to pay attention that in this fragrant paper contains fragrant pearls, so they can only be hung in the closet, cannot be washed with clothes in the washing machine.

Reference price: 160,000 VND/25 sheets

7. Aroma scented paper for clothes

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Aroma is one of the domestic perfumed clothing samples from Japan. The product makes a strong impression on users by its gentle, less intense scent, bringing a feeling of relaxation and coolness when opening the wardrobe. Along with that, helping you confidently and gently put on clean, fragrant clothes when going out. Besides, the quality of the type Aroma scented paper for clothes Japan has been thoroughly tested and completely meets safety standards for product users.


Reference price: 249,000 VND/20 sheets

8. Great Value clothes scented paper

Extracted from lavender flowers with a gentle, delicate but no less attractive scent, this special scent of Great Value scented paper will surely bring you a feeling of refreshment right from the first use.


One box of products Great Value clothing fragrance paper This is quite large in size when it holds up to 160 product sheets. Each of those small sheets of scented paper can be used and scented for 3kg of clothes. Extremely convenient and economical for you and your family. Great Value scented paper products are currently being sold in large quantities at many grocery stores and supermarkets in Vietnam.

Reference price: 320,000 VND/160 sheets

The most effective way to use clothes scented paper

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The most effective, convenient and most commonly used way to use scented paper for clothes is using bow dryer. This not only helps keep the scent on clothes longer, but also makes the fabric even softer. The method is extremely simple when you just need to put scented paper in the dryer along with freshly washed clothes to dry.


The scent of scented paper will blend and stick for a long time on your clothes. Alternatively, you can clip the scented paper directly to your clothes and store it in the closet. After a few days, the smell from the paper will spread on your clothes. Another quick way is to place scented paper underneath the clothes and iron with a steam iron. It’s easy to keep your clothes smelling nice and light with this recipe.

You only need to use about 3 sheets of incense paper to scent about 7-10kg of clothes. However, depending on environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, etc., will affect the retention time of scented paper, so everyone should pay attention when using it.

Above is the most detailed and complete article about scented paper for clothes and the most popular scented paper products. Hope you will find the article useful and choose the template scented paper for clothes most satisfied with yourself.


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