Top 6 tủ sấy quần áo Kangaroo chính hãng nào tốt bán chạy nhất

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In the spring, especially in the North, it is rainy, sometimes it rains for a whole month, clothes that have been dried for a long time are still not dry but still have a strong odor. clothes dryer help you to completely solve this problem. Currently, there are many clothes dryers of many different brands, one of which can be mentioned Kangaroo clothes dryer famous. Here are 6 genuine, best-selling Kangaroo clothes dryers today to help you choose the right model for your family.

About Kangaroo brand of clothes dryer


Kangaroo is a company established in Vietnam around 2003, the head office of the brand is in Hanoi. Among these products, the most prominent are water purifiers and clothes dryers made in China. Kangaroo’s sustainable development perspective is to “grow together” to build a modern and comfortable community together, so this company is constantly researching, applying and developing value-added product lines. new to society.


Kangaroo’s operating criteria is “no confrontation, always leading”. Taking this as a standard, Kangaroo products quickly apply the most advanced technology in the world, not only bringing convenience in life but also fashion. After 18 years of operation, the brand is still leading the market and creating many breakthroughs.

Is Kangaroo clothes dryer really good?

Humid weather makes our clothes take a long time to dry, especially clothes that will have a musty, musty smell. This is also a condition for bacteria to invade and affect health. However, if you own a kangaroo clothes dryer, things are completely different. Kangaroo dryer is very easy to use when drying, just hang clothes in the cabinet like normal drying, turn the timer button and the machine will automatically dry according to the set time. Timer depending on the thickness or thinness of the fabric, more or less clothes. The machine has a very flexible time adjustment button, ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

The quality of products Kangaroo clothes dryer: PTC heating mechanism for drying, time can be adjusted. An internal filter ensures that the motor is protected from dust. The sturdy and convenient vertical cage structure not only helps your clothes stay dry, wrinkle-free, but also very convenient in storing clothes if your home has limited space. The improved size is 20% larger to help you store more items and increase the drying capacity to 15kg in 1 drying time. kangaroo-2

Kangaroo dryer has wheels to help you move quickly and easily, especially the anti-slip wheel part, which will be fixed to the cabinet if necessary. In addition, the PTC thermal resonance drying technology on the dryer increases the ability to protect clothes by 2 times and avoids damage to clothes. The 360-degree design pyrolysis cage helps distribute hot air evenly while the machine runs from which the clothes will be completely dry, combined with the fast and high-speed fan that can dry up to 15kg of clothes.

Top 6 genuine, best-selling Kangaroo clothes dryers today

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Kangaroo has many different models of clothes dryers and each line has its own outstanding advantages. Below is a detailed introduction of each model Kangaroo clothes dryerhope it will help you choose the right product model.

1. Kangaroo clothes dryer KG307H

To relieve everyone’s worries about dry cleaning these days, Kangaroo quickly launched the super convenient KG307H multi-function clothes dryer. With this multifunction tumble dryer, you can dry every piece of furniture in your home quickly and easily. The KG307H multi-function clothes dryer has the ability to disinfect with ultraviolet rays and apply a modern static drying method, which will not make clothes wrinkle, lose white or fade. The outstanding advantage of this product is its compact design, does not take up space and the color coordination with any space. Kangaroo clothes dryer KG307H Conveniently designed, easy to install and remove. The cabinet is very energy-saving with the ability to quickly dry intelligently, saving a lot of power consumption.

kangaroo 3

Reference price: 2,000,000 VND

2. Kangaroo KG332 . clothes dryer

Kangaroo KG332 drying cabinet applies modern PTC drying technology which is semiconductor drying technology, combined with electrostatic drying method to help your clothes dry quickly, saving time, without delay, and clothes are not damaged. damaged and keep the same color. The KG332 dryer has a square design with 2 convenient hanging floors. Long clothes and adult clothes can be hung upstairs, while small things and children’s clothes can be hung downstairs.


The dryer is suitable for cotton, jeans, khaki and other fabrics. The machine can dry up to 15kg of wet clothes in 1 to 3 hours, depending on the amount of clothes, the time the material of the pants can change. While the KG332 dryer helps dry clothes quickly, saving electricity up to 50% compared to other conventional machines. Kangaroo dry clothes dryer KG332 Adopting 360-degree fan technology blowing air from 3 directions to help clothes dry quickly, the machine runs smoothly without making any noise.

Reference price: 1,290,000 VND

3. Kangaroo KG310 . clothes dryer

The KG310 multi-function dryer not only keeps clothes dry and clean, but also repels harmful insects and protects health. The machine can dry up to 15kg of clothes per drying time, the drying time depends on the number of clothes, it takes about 1 to 3 hours. This versatile dryer helps your clothes dry quickly in all weather conditions and fights mold and odor-causing bacteria in rainy and humid weather.

Modern drying technology does not make your clothes wrinkle. The dryer is equipped with a new technology heater that helps dry clothes quickly but still safely, helping clothes not to be wrinkled, damaged, or discolored. Kangaroo KG310 multi-function drying cabinet can dry fabrics from wool, cotton, jeans to silk, silk and other delicate fabrics, in addition, the dryer can also dry soft blankets, towels, cotton, bed sheets, … of the KG310 is designed to be safe, sturdy and easy to disassemble.tu-say-quan-ao-kangaroo-5

Reference price: 2,106,000 VND

4. Kangaroo clothes dryer KG307N

The KG307N multi-function clothes dryer is an extremely important household appliance in rainy, windy days. The machine not only helps clothes stay dry and clean, but also repels harmful insects when drying clothes outdoors and limits mold growth on days with high humidity. KG307N is produced by the famous brand Kangaroo. The machine is designed with 2 layers to help increase the drying area, the hanger is firmly powder-coated and can withstand a load of laundry up to 15kg. The maximum drying time is 180 minutes, depending on the amount of laundry per drying.


The machine can also dry soft blankets, pure cotton towels, etc. Thanks to modern PTC drying technology, laundry not only dries quickly but also does not wrinkle, damage or fade the fabric inside. Compact machine you do not have to take up too much installation space. When not in use, the frame can be disassembled for storage. New generation Kangaroo clothes dryer KG307N can be used with a convenient timer mode, and automatically disconnects the power supply during the drying process, ensuring maximum safety for the device and the user. The drying capacity reaches 1000W to save time, energy and cost effectively.

Reference price: 1,550,000 VND

5. Clothes drying cabinet KG326

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Kangaroo KG326 dryer is one of the popular multi-function dryers in recent years. The machine adopts the most advanced PTC heating technology, which can dry clothes quickly in just 1-2 hours. Kangaroo dryer uses a static drying method, a larger heat plate helps to evenly circulate hot air from bottom to top and from top to bottom to dry clothes from all angles. Preserve fragrance for clothes and limit the ability of bacteria and mold to penetrate.


Kangaroo KG326 . multifunction dryer Can dry all fabrics, from wool, cotton, jeans to silk, silk and other delicate fabrics. In addition, the machine can also dry soft blankets, cotton towels, bed sheets, etc. In addition to drying clothes, the KG326 can also be used as a heater to warm the room when it’s cold, or as a wardrobe. very comfortable and profitable shirt.

Reference price: 1,420,000 VND

6. Kangaroo KG330 . clothes dryer

With the Kangaroo KG330 clothes dryer, household chores will become much easier, your clothes not only smell good but also ensure the health of the whole family. This clothes dryer applies modern technology, for fast drying efficiency, lots of drying, especially without causing wrinkles or fading clothes. With a capacity of 1000W, the product can dry clothes in about 1-3 hours depending on the type of fabric. Thanks to the special design, the product can save up to 35% of electric energy compared to other conventional clothes dryers.


Kangaroo clothes dryer KG330 Designed with an extremely compact and lightweight design with cool blue eyes, it is very suitable for houses with small and modest area. The cabinet is designed with a vertical rectangular shape, creating a suitable drying space. The base of the cabinet has rolling wheels for easy movement, making it more convenient for you to use. With 3 special functions, you can use the product to dry clothes in the winter, warm up the room and you can use it to make a wardrobe in the summer. Closed cabinet design helps clothes dry quickly and cleanly because they don’t have to be left to dry outdoors, free from dirt and insects.

Reference price: 1,390,000 VND

Above is 6 Kangaroo clothes dryer Genuine, best-selling today for your reference. Hopefully through the article you will choose a clothes dryer that is suitable for your family’s needs and the next rainy season your family will not encounter a case where clothes that have been left dry for a long time do not dry but also have a musty smell.


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