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Now the question Which dishwasher is good? Nowadays, it is no longer strange to everyone because of the outstanding and modern features of the dishwasher. However, many families do not have the financial conditions and spacious space to arrange a large washing machine. Understanding that, the companies have launched the line mini dishwasher solve this problem. Let’s learn about the top 6 cheap mini dishwashers, modern design, best quality today.

What is a mini dishwasher?


In fact, mini washing machine is a type of washing machine with a small size, less storage capacity than large dishwashers. Besides, the function is also less, so it can be left on the table or installed in the kitchen cabinet. Normally, large dishwashers are 845x600x600mm, while mini dishwashers are only 550x500x500mm. At the same time, mini dishwashers only have 6-9 sets of dishes.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of mini dishwashers?

Samples mini dishwasher In addition to its compact design, it also possesses many outstanding advantages such as:

Advantages of the product

  • Mini dishwasher has a compact size, so users can easily arrange placement in the kitchen. Thereby, helping to make the kitchen space become neater and more luxurious.
  • Most of the mini dishwashers are made from durable and safe materials for consumers’ health.
  • Compared to conventional models, mini dishwashers use less water. The reason is that it washes fewer dishes, so the amount of water as well as the amount of electricity consumed is also reduced.


  • In addition, the product works effectively with the jet arms with strong pressure, so the dishes are completely cleaned. In addition, the machine is also equipped with a heating device, so dishes are effectively sterilized and cleaned optimally.
  • Not only that, the mini dishwasher also helps women save time and effort to do other favorite jobs.
  • Mini dishwashers are often smartly operated and equipped with other modern features such as remembering when the power is off, etc.

Cons of the product

  • Compared to large dishwashers, mini dishwasher Pots and pans cannot be washed. Therefore, at this time, women have to wash by hand with large kitchen utensils.

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Top 6 cheap mini dishwashers, modern design, best quality to buy

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For homes with a small area, choosing a mini dishwasher is extremely suitable. Let’s take a look at 6 models mini dishwasher best today.

1. Electrolux ESF6010BW mini dishwasher recommended

First, the Electrolux mini dishwasher has a modern design and a powder-coated surface with high-grade white color. Besides, Electrolux ESF6010BW . dishwasher With a capacity of 1480W, wash dishes quickly and easily with a quantity of up to 8 sets. From there, help your family’s housework become lighter. Not only that, the Electrolux ESF6010BW dishwasher also incorporates a flexible Autoflex feature that will help save electricity, water and detergent without affecting performance.


In particular, the product has a clear electronic control panel along with an LCD screen that displays clear information. This will make it easier for you to choose the operating modes you want. The machine has 6 different washing programs that will suit the needs of users. Even, the machine also owns many convenient modes such as quick wash function, dedicated cup washing, wash cycle indicator as well as equipped with anti-overflow device and child lock.

Reference price: 7,490,000 VND

2. Quality Toshiba DWS-22AVN mini dishwasher

Next, the Toshiba DWS-22AVN mini dishwasher has a compact size and harmoniously beveled edges, so it will be suitable for many locations in the family. Besides that, Toshiba dishwasher This has a specially designed fruit basket so you can wash your fruits and vegetables in 15 minutes with drying.


In addition, the product is made from extremely durable and safe materials. More, Toshiba DWS-22AVN mini dishwasher Features a propeller-shaped spray arm to reduce drag, spray powerfully and clean any hard-to-reach areas of dishes. More specifically, there is a built-in heating device that will help the machine prevent scaling, prevent burns and be safer for users.

Reference price: 5,490,000 VND

3. Robam W703 mini dishwasher (6 sets)

Another mini dishwasher that we should not ignore is the Robam W703. The machine has a compact design, the size is 550mm x 450mm x 500mm, so placing the table does not take up much space. In addition, the Robam dishwasher is capable of washing 6 standard sets of dishes to meet the needs of families with 2 to 6 members.


Besides, Robam W703 . mini dishwasher Use voltage source 220V/50Hz, rated power is 1,250W. Thereby, helping to wash dishes quickly, saving electricity and water consumption. At the same time, the machine has 5 effective washing functions including economical washing, standard washing, strong washing, quick washing and drying.

In particular, the water pressure is from 0.4 – 1.0 Mpa and the cleaning system is 4 times for powerful washing ability, cleaning all stains and grease on the dishes. Even the top of the dishwasher is equipped with a light that makes it easy to arrange dishes in.

Reference price: 19,050,000 VND

4. Xiaomi oCooker mini dishwasher (4 sets of dishes)

The Xiaomi Cooker mini dishwasher has a mini compact size, so it is suitable for every corner of the house. Besides, the machine has a trapezoidal body for more stable operation. At the same time, the outer transparent glass of the Xiaomi dishwasher This is designed with 2 layers to effectively reduce the noise level, providing a quiet space when operating.


In addition, the machine is also integrated with five different washing modes such as ultra-clean, daily washing, super-fast washing, fruit washing, as well as water- and energy-saving washing. Therefore, users can easily manipulate and select the appropriate washing mode for their cleaning level through touch keys.

More, Xiaomi Cooker mini dishwasher Cleaning is based on the principle of using high pressure water jets at the top and bottom. Combined with 360-degree rotating nozzles, water can scrub, wriggle and clean in any position. In particular, the machine can be combined with dishwashing salt to prevent scaling after washing and help increase the life of the machine.

Reference price: 5,300,000 VND

5. Hafele HDW-T50A Mini Dishwasher (538,21,190)

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Hafele HDW – T50A mini dishwasher has a compact and handy size with a width of only 550mm and a depth of 500mm. It is this design that will help put the dishwasher on the table to save space, suitable for small kitchen spaces. In addition, this mini dishwasher has 6 washing programs for users to choose from to suit their needs.


Besides, Hafele HDW-T50A mini dishwasher capable of washing 6 sets of dishes in a batch will meet the needs of family use. At the same time, this mini dishwasher uses hot water sprayed directly on cups, plates, and cups, which will help improve the cleaning efficiency of stains.

Reference price: 6,950,000 VND

6. Teka LP2 140 . mini dishwasher

Finally, the dishwasher is appreciated both for its design as well as for its effective washing programs. Besides, Teka LP2 mini dishwasher 140 Also very energy efficient. At the same time, the machine door is made of stainless steel, does not print fingerprints and the white coating will keep the machine surface clean and easy to clean.


In addition, this mini dishwasher uses a very modern electronic control panel with a screen that displays the active program. Moreover, the dishwasher includes 6 programs to wash quickly and cleanly. Combined with a number of other programs such as the super economical Eco washing mode for the case of few items to be washed and the program to delay the washing time from 1 to 24 hours.

Reference price: 7,990.00 VND

Here is some information about the top 6 mini dishwasher Cheap, modern and best quality today that you can refer to. Hopefully after reading this article, you have better understand the type of mini dishwasher and choose the right product to use. for my family.


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