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Refrigerators are one of the indispensable electrical appliances in any family, whether rural or urban. Because of that popularity, there are many lines on the market today fridge many different side by side, 4-wing refrigerator, 6-wing refrigerator, etc. Within the scope of today’s article, Phong Reviews will introduce to you the Top 5 Hitachi refrigerator 4 wing Save electricity, best seller!

About Hitachi brand




With the slogan “Inspire the next generation”, Hitachi has been asserting its position on a global scale through remarkable achievements such as: Hitachi generates about 50% of the country’s power supply. Singapore, most mobile phones in Europe use a Hitachi component, etc.

Should I buy a 4-door Hitachi refrigerator?

Hitachi 4-wing refrigerator is a modern refrigerator line equipped with many new functions and technologies to increase efficiency for family use. In there:

  • Inverter technology: Not only helps save electricity but also helps the refrigerator operate smoothly and durable over time.
  • ECO mode: increases the freezer temperature by about 1-2 degrees Celsius, which can reduce electricity consumption by about 5%, giving you more peace of mind because of the monthly electricity consumption of your refrigerator.
  • Frost Recycling cooling technology: This allows cold air to be reused and maintains a constant temperature without loss.
  • Dual cooling system for uniform cold air flow, helping to quickly cool food to the ideal temperature.
  • Air Jet Flow Technology: using ventilation ports to push cold air to circulate throughout the cabinets, thereby helping to cool more effectively.
  • Nano Titanium deodorant antibacterial technology: effectively catch and destroy bacteria and dirt, even they are microscopic in size.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hitachi 4-door refrigerator?

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Before going into the evaluation of the line Hitachi refrigerator 4 the most popular wings, we will clarify their general pros and cons.



  • Luxurious design with cabinet doors made of high-quality glass and metal mirrors, helping to highlight and match any kitchen space.
  • The cabinet has a large capacity, divided into many compartments to store foods so you can freely choose how to arrange it scientifically.
  • Most Hitachi 4-door refrigerators have an automatic ice-making mode, taking cold water from the outside to help provide cool water quickly in hot summer.
  • Besides, they are also equipped with many modern technologies such as antibacterial, deodorizing, energy-saving, energy-saving refrigerators with touch control panels for easy and convenient operation.


  • Besides those advantages, the 4-wing Hitachi refrigerator still has some limitations such as:
  • Due to its large size, it takes up a lot of space, only suitable for large kitchens.
  • Due to its large height, it is sometimes difficult for children or women to reach the top compartment.
  • The cost is relatively high, not suitable for low-income households.

Top 5 power-saving, best-selling Hitachi 4-door refrigerators today

Next, let’s find out more about Top 5 with Reviews Hitachi 4-door refrigerator Best selling right now!

1. Hitachi Inverter refrigerator R-FW650PGV8 GBK 509 liters 4 wings

Hitachi Inverter 509 liter R-FW650PGV8 GBK possesses a unique and luxurious Multi Door design, combined with Inverter power saving technology and Eco thermal sensor for optimal power saving efficiency. The unit has a smart control panel located on the outside of the cabinet door that allows easy customization of desired settings to suit storage and preservation needs.


Hitachi Inverter 509 liter R-FW650PGV8 GBK has a usable capacity of up to 509 liters, meeting the needs of a family of about 4-5 members. The convertible storage compartment allows for customizing the internal temperature by switching between fruit and vegetable storage (approximately 5°C) and milk/meat storage (approximately 1°C).

This Hitachi 4-wing refrigerator is equipped with Inverter technology to help the compressor operate smoothly, providing stable cooling performance, effectively saving power consumption.

Reference price: 23,490,000 VND

2. Hitachi 4-wing Inverter refrigerator 569 liters R-WB640PGV1 GMG

Hitachi 569 liters R-WB640PGV1 GMG is a luxury 4-door Multi Door refrigerator with a modern matte black tone, suitable for any kitchen space. The device has a Selectable Zone multi-function switch that allows you to change 2 heat levels, 18°C ​​and -3°C, suitable for each type of food to be stored.


This Hitachi refrigerator is equipped with an Inverter motor to save energy and provide fast effective cooling, deodorization and sterilization with Triple Power filter combined with activated carbon to effectively filter difficult odors. bearable, for a fresh and clean cabinet space. The control panel of the cabinet is designed in the form of an LED screen inside to help control the temperature of the compartments according to convenient needs.

Hitachi 569 liters R-WB640PGV1 GMG equipped with anti-mold door gasket to prevent the growth of mold, help protect the health of members as well as easy to clean.

Reference price: 33,890,000 VND

3. Hitachi 4-wing Inverter refrigerator 569 liters R-WB640VGV0 GBK

Hitachi refrigerator 569 liters R-WB640VGV0 is a large refrigerator model with 4 luxurious doors made of easy-to-clean, shiny glass to make the kitchen more prominent and sophisticated. The usable capacity of this cabinet is 569 liters, suitable for the needs of storing food for a family of over 5 members or having a need to preserve a lot of food.


The vacuum compartment of the refrigerator stores fresh food with a temperature range of -1°C to 1°C. As a result, fish meat and dairy products will always keep their freshness and nutrition, ready to be processed immediately without defrosting. The device also has a convenient automatic ice making mode, which helps to make ice quickly through the “Quick Freeze” mode. Hitachi 569 liters R-WB640VGV0 Using Inverter compressor with high cooling efficiency and fast cooling ability but still optimally saving power and for quiet and durable operation.

In addition, this Hitachi refrigerator has a touch panel outside the cabinet door that allows easy customization of parameters, bringing modernity and elegance to the overall design.

Reference price: 40,490,000 VND

4. Hitachi 4-wing Inverter refrigerator 640 liters R-WB800PGV5 GBK

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Hitachi Inverter 640 liter refrigerator WB800PGV5 GBK is a 4-wing refrigerator with a shiny mirror surface that adds a luxurious look to the kitchen, along with a control panel placed outside of the cabinet to facilitate use and transform space. become more modern.


The cabinet has a total capacity of up to 640 liters, completely meeting the needs of families with more than 5 members. Thanks to the integrated Inverter technology, this cabinet has the ability to operate smoothly, save maximum electricity and maintain good working performance. Moreover, the device is also equipped with a Nano Titanium filter with nano-sized particles to remove all hazards from the cabinet, return fresh air, and protect the health of your family.

Another advantage of the refrigerator Hitachi Inverter WB800PGV5 GBK It is the ability to balance the moisture supply for vegetables and fruits thanks to the Aero-Care compartment that controls the respiration process of vegetables and fruits to help them stay fresh for a long time and still retain the original flavor.

Reference price: 29.900.000 VND

5. Hitachi 4-door refrigerator 540 liters R-WF690GV7X

The last product that we want to introduce to you is the Hitachi R-WF690GV7X Inverter refrigerator with a capacity of 540 liters, suitable for families of 5 or more people. The dual cooling system allows air to evenly distribute inside each refrigerator and freezer compartment, providing many benefits such as enhanced cooling capacity and limited odors between the freezer and cooler compartments.


Inverter Hitachi R-WF690GV7X It also has an antibacterial Nano Titanium filter that effectively deodorizes, helping to keep foods from being smelly and protected in a better environment. The Eco temperature sensor is capable of recording changes in the surrounding temperature to offer an option of an efficient cooling mode that saves electricity.

Of course, it is also indispensable for Inverter technology to increase energy savings for your family. The anti-mold door seal helps prevent any instances of bacteria and mold from entering the cabinet.

Reference price: 33,500,000 VND

Hope with the sharing about Top 5 Hitachi 4-door refrigerator Above, each of you has chosen for your family a good product and is most satisfied. This is a modern refrigerator line with many smart functions that will definitely make you satisfied.


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