Top 5 Máy rửa bát Fagor chính hãng được chọn mua nhiều nhất

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In addition to the brands dishwasher Famous as Bosch, Electrolux, Eurosun, etc., the Fagor brand is also one of the most popular dishwasher manufacturers in the market. This product brings many conveniences and smart features, so it has quickly reached users. Let’s discover more special things about Fagor . dishwasher in the article below.

Information about the brand Fagor


Fagor is mentioned as a Spanish brand specializing in the production of home appliances and electronics. Its products are not only popular in Spain but also loved by many users around the world.

With the goal of becoming a large multinational corporation, Fagor has built many factories in many European Union countries. The company’s products are all manufactured with modern technology lines, applying and researching smart features to help users save maximum effort when using.

Is Fagor dishwasher really good?

Fagor dishwasher is one of many famous brands chosen by users. However, there are also many opinions that this product is good? Reasons to buy Fagor . dishwasher What is use?


Fagor dishwasher is a product of clear origin, based on the barcode of each model you can determine which country this product is manufactured in. Thus, ensuring credibility and trust for users.

This is the leading line of equipment in the field of technology for the human dishwasher. Devices come in a wide range, with many programs to help meet the needs of the user’s daily use.


The ability to create simple, neat, easy installation of Fagor . dishwasher is the most impressive. Because the entire design of the dishwasher is designed under the cabinet, compact to save space for users. In particular, you can also move the device to many spaces and locations in your kitchen with flexibility.

The outer material is stainless steel, so it is easy to clean, ensuring a shiny, luxurious look when you choose. Moreover, the device also has a very convenient TFT screen for users to observe.

The ability to adjust the water according to the amount of dishes in the convenient washing compartment. Moreover, the machine has two intelligent washing compartments Dou zone that can choose different washing styles for each compartment, making the bowl cleaner and more durable.

Possessing many smart features such as saving electricity, drying water, sterilizing, ensuring 100% clean dishes without harming users’ health. All components of the dishwasher are made of high-quality materials that can be easily replaced.


The cost of products is still high compared to the income of Vietnamese people. So, currently in Vietnam this dishwasher is not very popular.

Top 5 good genuine Fagor dishwashers are chosen to buy the most

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Fagor dishwashers have the most popular types today. If you need the answer to the question then refer to the top 5 Fagor . dishwasher the best below:

1. Fagor 3 LVF-63S . Dishwasher

Fagor 3 LVF-63S has a capacity of 13 sets of dishes, suitable for families of 4-5 members. Along with the amount of water consumed in 1 wash of 9 liters, the product ensures the maximum ability to save electricity and water in a month. Moreover, the product also has the ability to supply hot water directly up to 60 degrees to help wash dishes more clean, limiting bacteria proliferation.


Besides, Fagor 3 dishwasher LVF-63S It also has an enhanced drying feature, so that the dishes are always dry for the best cleaning results. Enhanced antibacterial wash for perfectly clean dishes without unpleasant odors. The smart top and bottom washing basket design helps users to comfortably store dishes and utensils to ensure a cleaner and more economical washing process.

Smart LED screen design for users to check the washing cycle of the device. In addition, the semi-acoustic design helps to make the most of the perfect kitchen space for your home space.

Reference price: 16,450,000 VND

2. Fagor 3 LVF – 61S . Dishwasher

Fagor 3 LVF – 61S is a device that users appreciate as a high-end dishwasher with leading quality. Because the device operates smoothly with an ideal noise level of only about 49DB, it will not affect your family’s activities. Moreover, the machine also has many special programs to help save electricity and water for users. Along with advanced bacteria killing features, cleaning, and noise reduction when in use.


Besides, Fagor 3 LVF – 61S . dishwasher It is also designed with a capacity of 12 European tableware, ensuring convenient use for families of 4-5 members or more. The smart Eco Sensor system helps the device to operate flexibly, automatically determining the purity of the water, reusing water to save 20% of water and 40% of energy and usage time.

Reference price: 13,293,000 VND

3. Fagor 3 LVF – 62SSSI Semi-Conditioned Dishwasher 13 sets

Fagor 3 LVF – 62SSSI is a luxurious and modern semi-design line, showing the exquisite European style. Along with the striking silver and white color scheme, it helps to show the kitchen space more luxurious.


Outstanding feature of Fagor 3 LVF – 62SSSI . dishwasher Not to mention the ability to save energy A++ according to European standards. Moreover, the energy consumption of 0.917kWh ensures safer and more economical use. The average noise level of 45DB helps not to affect the life and activities of the family.

Especially in dishwashers, there are lights to help organize dishes more easily. The automatic flushing aid, the lid can be opened, and the automatic water leak prevention system Aquastop in case of dehydration. This ensures the safety of the device and the user. In addition, the machine is also equipped with an active drying system, which helps to support and improve the efficiency of drying and sterilizing dishes, ensuring safety for users.

Reference price: 16,073,000 VND.

4. Dishwasher Fagor 3 LVF 63 IT 15 sets

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Fagor 3 LVF 63 IT is a full sound device with a capacity of 15 dishes, allowing users to easily use it. Super Active quick-drying system with luxurious and sophisticated design, makes your living space more modern. The control panel has a modern, user-friendly touch screen.


In particular, the device also has a number of modern features such as Maxi Space 3, Turbo Drying and low energy consumption at A+ to help maximize daily use. In addition, you can also easily change the height of the trays, minimizing washing time for more convenience in terms of time while ensuring cleaning efficiency.

Fagor 3 LVF 63 IT . Dishwasher also owns up to 9 different washing programs from quick wash, economical wash, intensive wash, wash glass, glassware, automatic wash… So users can freely choose suitable washing programs with your daily needs.

Reference price: 16,793,000 VND.

5. Dishwasher Fagor 3 LVF 63SSSI

Fagor 3 LVF 63SSSI is a line of European dishwashers with a capacity of 15 sets of high-end design with Turbo automatic drying system to help dishes dry faster. In addition, the product also has an active drying unit to help improve the performance of drying dishes faster.

The machine compartment is made of stainless steel capable of reducing dishwashing residue including grease. It also prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. Together with the anti-leakage and anti-flood Aquastop system, it helps to ensure the highest level of equipment durability.


Especially with the design of 15 sets, it helps to increase the number of dishes to be washed and ensures comfort for families of 5 or more members. The noise level of the device is only about 45DB, which is smooth and durable without affecting the family’s activities. The device’s voltage consumption is at a stable level of about 0.949kWh, ensuring A+ energy saving for users to comfortably use.

Reference price: 20,093,000 VND.

Hopefully with the top 5 Fagor . dishwasher The above will help you have more options with your family. Be fully equipped with modern technology products to help you save time and effort of daily housewives.


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