Top 4 Máy phun sương mini nào được ưa thích nhất hiện nay

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With the desire to ensure the health of the family, health experts and doctors have advised that the humidity in the room should be maintained at about 45 – 50%. Understanding that, the development of modern technology has applied and invented many devices to support the supply of moisture. One of the indispensable equipment is mini nebulizer Helps maintain the necessary humidity in your room.

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What is a mini nebulizer?


Mini fogger is a type of device with cooling effect, compact and has both fan function and necessary amount of humidity. In addition, now some devices also have a lighting function.


This type of machine has a structure with a light sound wave membrane just enough to help the water fluctuate continuously. As a result, water molecules are broken down and released into the air. In addition, currently, on the market there are quite a few types of mini nebulizers that operate by heat to evaporate water.

Is the mini nebulizer any good?

Nowadays, any sales establishment advertises mini nebulizers with various benefits. However, there are also quite a few other assistive devices in daily life. Mini nebulizer Whether it’s good or not depends on how each person uses it.

Many customers have used and evaluated that: mini nebulizers are not really as good as rumored because sometimes they will bring a feeling of stuffiness and discomfort. Even many people share that: using a fogger regularly will damage some wooden furniture.


We cannot deny the consequences that a nebulizer can cause, but with a mini nebulizer it will not cause so much harm. The mini types are quite small in size and mainly use ultrasonic waves and thermal foggers to create air humidity that is always at a safe level for human health. In particular, girls always need a suitable humidity in their work or rest space so that the skin is always exposed to the right amount of moisture outside the environment.

Criteria to know when buying a mini nebulizer

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Choosing one mini nebulizer Having a beautiful, durable design over time is not an easy thing. Here are the basic criteria that the article wants to share with customers:


The capacity of the mini nebulizer is always considered the first factor to consider when buying. If the machine has a larger capacity, the operating time of the machine will be longer. Currently, there are many product lines with a capacity of 2 liters, which will be the right choice for small families.


Besides, now there are many types of machines with diverse capacities, suitable for all spaces of your home.

The ability to create moisture

Mini nebulizer with the use of cooling, providing moisture for the bedroom space or your entire house. Therefore, now there are quite a few different types of machines that are integrated with more advanced features. Therefore, before buying, you need to learn carefully about the features that the product offers.

Style, design

Currently, on the market, mini nebulizers are quite diverse in design, design and suitable for all ages. If you use it for a small child, you should buy a machine with cute and funny animal shapes. If used for adults, you should choose products with sophisticated, modern and equally compact design.

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The origin of the product is always the leading factor affecting the quality. Therefore, when buying all kinds of mini nebulizeryou need to learn carefully to avoid buying products that are floating on the market, without clear quality and safety testing.

Top 4 most popular mini humidifier today

If you have not yet chosen a suitable small size nebulizer, please choose to refer to the top 5 mini nebulizer lines right below.

1. Boneco U200 . mini humidifier

The Boneco U200 humidifier is a product with an extremely eye-catching design and design with two main colors white and blue, so it will bring elegance and sophistication at first sight. The product is made of safe and high-quality materials such as Titanium filter and the shell is made of high-quality ABS plastic. In addition, the product integrates with Ultrasonic ultrasonic technology to create tiny mist particles flying in the air, not only maintaining good humidity in your bedroom or living room space.


Tank capacity of mini nebulizer Boneco U200 at about 3.5 liters with a fairly high operating speed of about 300ml / h, so users can be completely assured. In addition, the Silver Stick filter and the product’s Carbon filter are designed to clean all bacteria, dirt as well as odors in the family without making any noise, but on the contrary, also save energy. Maximum power for the home.

Reference price: 4,000,000 VND/product

2. Beurer LB44 . mini air humidifier

Beurer LB44 air humidifier is considered a smart choice for your family. The product has a capacity of 2.8 liters with the ability to create humidity for lovely small rooms. The device’s operating principle is to create tiny, ultra-fine mist particles that are put into the air to maintain good humidity for the entire room.


With the outer shell made of sturdy, durable and extremely safe ABS plastic. Besides that, mini nebulizer Beurer LB44 has a relatively large humidifying capacity of about 220ml/h. Therefore, this is considered an indispensable item in dry days, when the indoor humidity drops sharply.

Reference price: 1,900,000 VND/product.

3. Tiross TS843 humidifier with eye-catching design

The Tiross TS843 humidifier is a product with an extremely eye-catching design with an outer shell made of durable and sturdy ABS plastic with an extremely luxurious and fashionable white gold tone. The product integrates a residue filter with a 360-degree rotating nozzle to help the machine remove dust, harmful bacteria and return fresh air to the space.


The machine works extremely smoothly, the noise is <30Db, so you can let the machine operate for a long time. Besides, mini nebulizer Tiross TS843 There is also a timer system every time the water in the tank runs out, so you can actively add water and maintain misting operation.

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Reference price: 1,300,000 VND/product.

4. Mirror Humidifier MJ-1 Luxury mini humidifier

The Mirror Humidifier MJ-1 Luxury mini humidifier has a large 220ml water tank that effectively supports the process of humidifying the air in the room, refreshing the air quality and adjusting the temperature. room. The product is capable of misting with a flow rate of 200ml/hour, with high frequency atomization.


Humidifier mini nebulizer with 2 modes of continuous and intermittent fog

  • Continuous mode: The machine has the ability to spray mist continuously for about 4 hours and create regular humidity for your home space.
  • Intermittent spray mode: Spray 3 seconds, then stop 3 seconds and have a continuous operation time within 8 hours.

Besides, the device can also press and hold the function button for 1.5 seconds for the first time and the night light will turn on. If you want to change the color of the night light, just press and hold for the next 1.5 seconds. With high-quality materials and antibacterial ability, it is absolutely safe for users’ health. This is considered an extremely worthwhile product to try.

Reference price: 280,000 VND/product.

How to use and some notes when using a mini nebulizer

Here is how to use it and some notes when using it mini nebulizer which you can refer to:

How to use a mini nebulizer

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Step 1: Remove the tank cap – You need to remove the water tank cap first and add more water.

Step 2: The water entering the nebulizer must be filtered or distilled water. On days when the weather is “humid” or you want to create a scent for the room, add 2-3 drops of aromatic essential oil.


Step 3: Currently on the market there are two types of nebulizers, including battery-powered and powered directly from the home electrical network. With a fairly simple battery type, it is easy to move anywhere in the family. With electric machines, you need to select an electrical outlet, then turn on the switch and adjust the mist mode.

Step 4: In order to avoid the device operating for too long and causing a lot of costs, after busy use, it is advisable to turn off the machine or unplug the power source to save water, electricity as well as the amount of essential oil for later use.

A few notes when using a mini nebulizer

  • You should limit using the machine for many hours continuously to help prolong the life of the product.
  • You should only pour the right amount of water and jar, not too much or too little.
  • Limit the use of nebulizers for babies < 1 year old because at this time their breathing is still weak.
  • Keep the device in a dry, ventilated, clean place.

Here is the information about mini nebulizer that we want to share with you. Hope this article will help you choose the right product for your family.


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