Top 3 Model tủ sấy quần áo Panasonic chính hãng bán chạy nhất

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The clothes dryer is like a “effective assistant” to help housewives reduce concerns about clothes being smelly, moldy, and smelly during prolonged rains. But with so many different types of clothes dryers on the market, which one is the best and best quality today? If you are looking to buy clothes dryer models, don’t forget to immediately refer to the article below, we will introduce you to this model. Panasonic clothes dryer best selling right now.

Where is Panasonic clothes dryer manufactured?


Panasonic clothes dryer is one of the quality products of the Panasonic brand from the land of cherry blossoms (Japan). The name Panasonic is so familiar to Vietnamese consumers, it not only brings peace of mind about quality but also has a good warranty, so the products of this brand have always won high trust. With 30 years of establishment and development, the company has produced countless products and is widely used in Japan and Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam. One of the best-selling Japanese modern technology products is the Panasonic clothes dryer.


Is Panasonic clothes dryer good?

For a very accurate and detailed view of Panasonic clothes dryer Let’s learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the following Panasonic clothes dryer:


  • Panasonic clothes drying cabinet is capable of drying up to 15kg of clothes for one drying, with a large capacity of 1500W, with remote control to help bring high drying efficiency and convenience to the user.
  • The motor of the dryer works extremely smoothly, makes little noise, the cabinet frame is sturdy and can be easily disassembled. The outer fabric of the cabinet frame is made of extremely thick material with high durability.


  • The warranty period of Panasonic dryers is 2 years, this will help users evaluate the durability of the cabinet accurately.
  • Panasonic drying cabinet is fully equipped with necessary features of a high-class dryer such as: remote control, smart LED display, modern drying timer, 3-way airflow,… In particular, the Panasonic dryer has a bactericidal feature.
  • The price to be able to own a Panasonic dryer is very reasonable.


  • If you regularly disassemble the cabinet, the outer cover is easily torn.
  • There is no advanced bactericidal feature as advertised, the essence of the bactericidal feature is just drying clothes at high temperature.

Top 3 selling genuine Panasonic clothes dryer

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With the variety of its types, the Panasonic brand produces a lot of quality clothes dryer products and is popular with consumers, here are the top 3 suggestions. Panasonic clothes dryer Genuine best selling right now. Invite you to consult:

1. Panasonic HD – 882F . smart clothes dryer

Panasonic HD – 882F . clothes dryer Designed like a wardrobe with a light blue tone that is suitable for placing in any space in your home. With extremely smart modern drying technology, the remote control setting is capable of drying clothes in just 3-4 hours. The cabinet is designed in the form of a square cabinet, helping you to save space, as well as bring convenience not only for clean, dry and fragrant clothes like drying in the sun, brushing dispel the worry of wet, drizzly days…


The advantage of the Panasonic HD – 882F clothes dryer is that it has a comfortable hanging space of 2 floors, can hang a lot of clothes, the upper floor you can hang ao dai so that the clothes are not wrinkled, the lower floor you can hang clothes. Hanging short clothes, baby clothes or can be used to dry summer blankets. The cabinet is equipped with a smart drying system, capable of drying clothes quickly thanks to a powerful capacity of 1200-1500W to help you dry clothes quickly while saving energy.

Reference price: 1,150,000 VND.

2. Panasonic HD882FUV . germicidal clothes dryer

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Panasonic UV sterilizer clothes dryer HD882FUV is a great improvement in the product line of clothes dryers. The drying oven is equipped with a remote control, but you can still have direct operation of the machine for convenience while using. Using the dryer in just a few dozen minutes, you will have fresh, dry clothes without having to dry them in the sun. Clothes after being dried with a Panasonic UV sterilizer clothes dryer HD882FUV still retain the scent of the conditioner and softness without being wrinkled or dry like other types of dryers.


The product applies bactericidal technology with the most modern new technique using UV rays to kill bacteria, a breakthrough innovation of Panasonic Clothes Dryers that is highly appreciated and trusted by consumers. The sturdy chassis structure, which can be folded and stored when not in use without having to remove the cabinet’s frame, helps bring convenience to users. 360-degree drying fan technology and blowing air from 3 directions help dry clothes quickly. While operating the dryer, it operates smoothly and without noise. With the design of the stainless steel drying racks and the square cabinet frame, it can hang more clothes firmly.

The machine has a sensor function, automatically dries clothes with a capacity of 1200W. with many time settings, the highest is 180 minutes, the maximum temperature when drying is 70 degrees Celsius, so that it can be sterilized and disinfected when drying up to 90%. Help save energy. The product can dry from 15 to 20 kg of clothes for one drying time.

Reference price: 1,450,000 VND.

3. Panasonic HD 858 . clothes dryer

Panasonic HD 858 . clothes dryer possesses advanced 360-degree drying fan technology capable of blowing multi-dimensional air to help dry clothes quickly, the operation process of the machine operates smoothly, without noise, bringing convenience to users. The product is equipped with a remote control which is very convenient for users. The product can dry from 15kg of clothes for a drying time with a maximum drying temperature of up to 70 degrees Celsius.


With the sterilization function, which helps to kill bacteria when drying up to 99%, you will see the ability to dry quickly and save electricity, but the clothes will not be wrinkled, but also ensure safety for the wearer and still be preserved. the scent of the water softener. The operating power of the Panasonic HD 858 clothes dryer is: 1000 – 1500W and the cabinet size is: 70 x 48 x 148cm. Panasonic HD858 has a comfortable, spacious hanging space of 2 floors, can hang many clothes.

Reference price: 1,150,000 VND.

How to use Panasonic clothes dryer

To get fragrant clothes that retain the scent of conditioner, you just need to work with Panasonic clothes dryer Follow these basic steps:

Step 1: You should wring the clothes dry so that there is no water running down after washing and soaking the fabric softener.

Step 2: Hang the clothes that have been squeezed dry into the dryer, pay attention to hang the right amount of clothes, do not hang too many clothes in the dryer at once, so the clothes will take a long time to dry.

Step 3: Plug in the power then adjust the oven’s control knob to the ON button or adjust to the desired time level, up to 90 minutes for one drying time.


Step 4: Wait until the clothes are dried, the dryer has turned off, you can take out the dry clothes to wear or you can also leave the clothes in the closet to use as a wardrobe.

A small note to users is: you should regularly clean the Panasonic clothes dryer according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the equipment is operating at maximum efficiency and saving electricity. To minimize the risks that may occur during the operation of the dryer, you should place the dryer in a cool, dry place, avoid being near places with high temperature.

Here is all the useful information about Panasonic clothes dryer. With outstanding features, smart and reasonable price, people still hesitate to buy one for their family so that drying clothes is no longer an obsession of women in the future. cold or rainy winter days.


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