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We can easily find hand-held metal detectors at airports and border gates. The device helps detect metal objects at close range through magnetic induction. It works like that, but many people still doubt and ask questions Harmful handheld metal detector Does it affect health? So what is the real problem of this, please follow along with the following article.

General introduction of portable metal detector

What is a handheld metal detector?

Hand-held metal detector is a device whose function is to find and detect the presence of metal objects at close range through the magnetic induction system. This device is now widely used in airports, companies, border gates, prisons, etc.

Are metal detectors toxic?
Are metal detectors toxic?

In which fields are metal detectors used?

You must have heard or seen a hand-held metal detector many times. However, do you really understand the applications of this machine or not? If not, below thapgiainhietliangchi.com will have the answer for you!

Used at border gates, airports

According to current regulations when boarding the plane, we are not allowed to bring weapons. Therefore, security door systems will be equipped with magnetic doors or handheld mini metal detectors.

In case if metal is detected when going through the magnetic door, airport staff will use a hand-held metal detector to locate the exact location of that metal. After that, passengers will be asked to leave, not bring on board to ensure flight safety.

Used at components and electronics companies

Hand held metal detectors are used in almost any electronic and component company. This is to prevent employees from leaking company products. It will also be equipped with magnetic door systems and hand-held detectors to accurately determine the position of metal that the magnetic door has detected.

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Use at shopping centers and supermarkets

In stores, supermarkets, and shopping centers, they are also equipped with magnetic door systems and hand-held metal detectors, in order to minimize the loss of goods.

Application of metal detector
Application of metal detector

Harms of hand-held metal detectors

Are hand-held metal detectors harmful? It is a question asked by many people. In fact, long-term exposure to magnetic fields will adversely affect human health. The metal detector will emit an electromagnetic wave, this wavelength will directly affect the central nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular system and human metabolism. However, only large electromagnetic waves can have such an impact.

As for handheld detectors or handheld metal detectors that only use batteries, the amount of magnetic induction emitted by this device will be very small, just enough to detect small metals at a close distance of about 2cm. Therefore, it has absolutely no adverse effects on human health.

Are hand-held metal detectors harmful? Are hand-held metal detectors harmful to the fetus? Then the answer is no. Thus, it is possible to eliminate this doubt for users about harmful hand-held metal detectors. Besides, even for those who are using a pacemaker or those who are pregnant with a baby, it is completely safe with this device.

Harms of hand-held metal detectors
Harms of hand-held metal detectors

Important Notes When Using a Handheld Metal Detector

In the process of using a hand-held needle detector, users should note a few things to help the machine work stably, have fewer problems and improve the life of the machine:

  • Users should double-check the device before proceeding with the test. Testing the machine before use works to ensure that the machine still works normally and has high sensitivity to avoid having to scan and rescan the machine many times.
  • If we use two detectors at the same time, we must keep them away from each other about 2-5m so as not to interfere with wavelengths that will reduce accuracy.
  • After finishing the work, the user should use a soft cloth to wipe the dust off the body. You should also regularly maintain the machine periodically to promptly detect damage and have timely solutions, both without interrupting the work, and extending the life of the equipment.
  • Make sure that the battery of the handheld metal detector is always fully charged before use so that the working process is not interrupted by the battery condition, and at the same time avoid the battery bottle.

The above article is the answer to the question of are hand-held metal detectors harmful? Hopefully after reading the article you have found the most satisfactory answer, and also know some more things to keep in mind when using a handheld metal detector.


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