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Are you looking for one for yourself? cheap iron cutting machine but still have to ensure quality, durability and working efficiency. Currently on the market there are many brands as well as different types of iron cutting machines. To help you choose the best product, today’s article will suggest 5 models of iron cutters that are affordable and still ensure quality. Stay tuned for the best selection.

How to choose a suitable iron cutter

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The first thing you need to find out when buying an iron cutter is how to choose. There are many different criteria for you to rely on and choose from. Here are a few options you can choose from:

Clearly define needs

Clearly determining the need to use is one of the very important things in choosing to buy an iron cutter. At the same time, a good machine also needs to meet the needs of mia users. So determine your own use purpose to have the best choice.

Brand Selection

Another thing in choosing a machine is to learn about famous brands that manufacture products. You should not be cheap but buy machines of unknown origin. A big, well-known, well-known brand is the most appropriate choice. You can refer to a number of iron cutting machines of brands such as Bosch, Makita, Maktec… These are all famous brands, so the products are also of high quality and are well-reviewed.

Precise fast cutting ability

Another important thing when choosing an iron cutter is the ability to cut quickly and accurately. In fact, there are many models with high quality for fast and accurate cutting efficiency. Their finished products are standard iron bars and cutting head sizes and shapes. So learn their cutting ability from product demo videos. This will help you get the most accurate choice.

Cheap iron cutting machine

How to choose the best iron cutter

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Top 5 best cheap iron cutters worth buying today

On the market today, there are many types of iron cutting machines with different prices and quality. This makes it difficult for consumers to choose the right product for them. Here are the top 5 cheap iron cutting machine Good worth buying you can refer to:

Bosch GCO 220 . iron cutter

The Bosch GCO 220 iron cutting machine is a specialized machine for professional iron workers. Companies and enterprises in the field of mechanical engineering, factory construction. Bosch GCO 220 has a compact design, easy to use. The structural parts of the machine have a sturdy design, using high-quality materials. The handle is covered with a plastic shell, so it has great friction, the middle arm is made of aluminum with a sturdy 25.4 mm diameter shaft. The base is covered with anti-slip rubber, reducing vibration during use.

Cheap iron cutting machine

Cheap iron cutting machine Bosch GCO 220

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The machine is equipped with a brush motor with a capacity of up to 2200W. The idle speed is 3,800 rpm and the blade has a diameter of 255mm made of very sharp steel. Bring to people who can cut iron and steel quickly, saving time and effort.

In particular, Bosch GCO 220 can meet the needs of almost all iron cutting needs with different shapes and sizes such as: rectangular steel 100 x 196 mm, square steel 119 x 119 mm or steel L 130 x 130 mm…

The selling price of the Bosch GCO 220 iron cutter is VND 2,700,000.

Total iron cutter TS92035526

The next suggestion we share with you is the Total TS92035526 iron cutter. This product is widely applied in many different fields from household to mechanical workshop. You can use the machine to cut many types of steel with different shapes such as square steel, rectangular steel, round steel …

Cheap iron cutting machine

Total iron cutter TS92035526

The product is equipped with a motor with a large capacity of up to 2350W, the no-load speed reaches 3,800 rpm. This machine also has a stainless steel blade with a size of 355mm for strong cutting force, helping to cut quickly and save time. Total TS92035526 has an eye-catching design, components are built and designed to match, with great ruggedness.

In particular, the rubberized handle is very smooth, helping you to prevent slipping. The case is made of synthetic plastic that can withstand force, impact and environmental impacts.

Total price of iron cutter Total TS92035526 is VND 1,700,000.

Bosch GCO 14-24 . iron cutter

The Bosch GCO 14-24 iron cutter is considered a product line with a slightly high cost compared to the common ground, but the quality they bring is completely worth it. The product belongs to the high-end machine series of the Bosch brand. The machine is equipped with a powerful motor with a capacity of up to 2400W, and can process a variety of iron and steel in different shapes such as round steel, rectangular steel, square steel …

Cheap iron cutting machine

Bosch GCO 14-24 . iron cutter

The body of the machine is made of high quality plastic material, for high durability, can withstand heat, high strength. At the same time, the anti-collision protects the engine of the machine effectively. The motor is durable, has a long life and is very effective against vibration. The body of the machine is protected by a cap, the surrounding protection system allows for fast and precise clamping of materials.

The highlight of this product is that the handle is designed in a D-shape to fit, has a very firm grip, and is covered with anti-slip rubber, creating a comfortable feeling when controlling. The base is thickened and wide, rubber feet for good balance. Besides, the use of a jointless shaft system will help lift the cutting materials for a more convenient cutting process.

The current reference price of this product is VND 3,500,000

Vespa VS-355 iron cutter

Tiki sale 15-01

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Product cheap iron cutting machine Vespa VS-355 has a large operating capacity of 2500W, the blade has a diameter of 355mm to make cutting faster and easier. This is a line of machines suitable for subjects working in the mechanical industry, manufacturing or construction workers. Compared to other iron cutters, Vespa VS-355 has a relatively light weight. The body is made of steel coated with synthetic plastic, so it is compact in size, covered with very smooth rubber and is comfortable to operate.

Cheap iron cutting machine

Vespa VS-355 iron cutter

The base of the machine has a wide table and anti-slip rubber feet. This ensures that the machine is always balanced and minimizes vibrations when the machine is running. The material dowel bar features easy, efficient customization.

The price of the Vespa VS-355 iron cutter is VND 1,000,000.

Rakuten RK350 iron cutting machine

The last product in the list cheap iron cutting machine We share to you that is the Rakuten RK350 iron cutter. This series of machines originates from Japan, assembled in China. Rakuten RK350 is equipped with a powerful, durable motor with an operating capacity of 2300W, an idling speed of 3,900 rpm. At the same time, the cutting disc with a diameter of 355mm is made of very sharp stainless steel, resistant to impact and scratch. This gives users the highest performance.

Cheap iron cutting machine

Rakuten RK350 iron cutting machine

The components that make up the machine are designed to match and ensure high safety. The handle is covered with rough rubber for a smooth and comfortable feeling when holding. The base is made of wide-sized steel, covered with rubber to minimize vibration and slip when used on uneven terrain.

This cheap cutting machine product is used to cut long iron and steel materials into short pieces. Serving the construction and mechanical industries from small to medium projects.

The current price of the product is 1,100,000 VND

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Sale Tiki

In this article, we have shared with you how to choose as well as products cheap iron cutting machine, quality in the market. This product is very important equipment for construction and mechanical industries. Depending on your needs and economic conditions, you can choose the most suitable product for yourself. Please consult and learn about the product carefully before choosing.


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