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With outstanding features, charged fan is currently the choice of many families. In today’s article, let’s learn about the top 4 Honjianda electric fan best today.

Which country’s Honjianda electric fan?


Surely many customers are too familiar with the Honjianda brand when it comes to household electrical products. Established at the end of 2006, Hoanh Kien Dat – Long An Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd is the birthplace of the Honjianda electric fan product line. With a long history of development, Honjianda products are extremely famous and closely related to people’s lives. What makes customers feel secure to choose Honjianda products is because of the rigorous and rigorous quality inspection process.

Honjianda Electric Fan

Honjianda Electric Fan is a product developed based on efforts and innovation, improving the quality of products for Vietnamese consumers. Going through the testing process, Honjianda’s electric fan has been certified to ensure international standards ISO 9001: 2015. Besides, high quality Vietnamese products such as Honjianda fans are crystallized. of Vietnamese talent and wisdom are worthy of respect and support.

Is Honjianda electric fan good?

On the market, there are many household electrical brands that provide electric fans, so customers always ask the question, are Honjianda products good? Let’s answer your questions with the outstanding advantages of Honjianda electric fan as follows:

Compact design

The first point that customers can notice in the Honjianda electric fan product line is that it has a simple and compact design. With this design, the product is suitable for use with many different spaces such as bedrooms, offices, living rooms, etc. Besides, the compactness in design also makes it easy for users to disassemble the product. when cleaning the inside.

Honjianda Electric Fan

Durable material

The electric fan product line produced by Honjianda is made of durable, impact-resistant and heat-resistant ABS plastic. With this material, light bumps will not affect the appearance of the product. In particular, this material helps limit dust, allowing users to easily clean and clean, keeping the product’s newness over time.

Some outstanding uses and features

  • Honjianda’s electric fan product line is integrated with 2 features: cooling and lighting. For those who have a habit of using night lights at night, this is a pretty suitable choice. In addition, the product is also very useful when there is a power failure because it can both cool and illuminate the space.
  • The use time of the product is from 5 to 15 hours depending on the level that the user chooses from strong to gentle. The product ensures cooling time to help your family have a deep sleep every night.
  • The lights on the product also have the ability to adjust the brightness arbitrarily to be more bright and less bright. This feature not only meets the needs of use but also helps to save the battery when using fans and lights.
  • The product is rated as safe to use thanks to the automatic shutdown system against overload. Besides that, Honjianda electric fan It also displays the battery level in the product to ensure that the charging process is most effective, avoiding unintended risks.
  • The product is equipped with 2 adjustable switches that can use 2 AC and DC sources. This is one of the outstanding advantages of Honjianda’s rechargeable fan compared to many cheap rechargeable fans on the market.

Top 4 best Honjianda rechargeable fans are popular today

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Honjianda has launched many electric fan products with many uses and features. Here are the top 4 products Honjianda electric fan The best currently popular that you can refer to.

1. Honjianda HJD-FL 316 . rechargeable fan

Honjianda Electric Fan HJD-FL 316 is one of the outstanding designs of this product line with up to 12 hours of use. With a capacity of 24W and 9 wind modes from strong to gentle, Honjianda HJD-FL 316 rechargeable fan is suitable for large spaces or outdoor activities because it can be easily carried.

Honjianda Electric Fan

Similar to the products of the Honjianda series, the HJD-FL 316 has a built-in led light suitable for children and the elderly at night or can be used immediately in the event of a power outage. The Honjianda HJD-FL 316 rechargeable fan has an automatic shutdown system to prevent overload and a power level indicator light to help users feel secure when using. The fan cage is sturdy, but the removable parts are quite convenient for cleaning and the user can adjust it arbitrarily to suit the purpose of use.

Reference price 1,270,000 VND / fan

2. Honjianda HJD-FL 301 . rechargeable fan

Honjianda HJD-FL 301 rechargeable fan is an improved product and has many advantages over its brothers. The product belongs to the line of desktop fans, the floor is equipped with a dry battery 6V / 4.5Ah, so it will take about 27 – 30 hours to fully charge. Fans using genuine plastic do not affect the environment and consumers’ health. With 2 LED bulbs to help promote lighting and cooling, Honjianda HJD-FL 301 Rechargeable Fan has a usage time of up to 10 hours.

Honjianda Electric Fan

With a compact design and a 12-inch (30.6 cm) diameter inner blade, Honjianda HJD-FL 301 is suitable for spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms. The control panel of the HJD-FL 301 rechargeable fan is integrated with a USB port capable of connecting to Ipad, Smart Phone. This is a new feature that can be used to replace power banks with a capacity of 5500mAh.

Reference price: 1,370,000 VND / fan

3. Honjianda FL223 LED rechargeable fan

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If you are looking for a cheap but good quality rechargeable fan, you can’t ignore it Honjianda FL223 LED rechargeable fan. The product stands out with its convenient design, neat, light weight, so it is easy to move. In addition, Honjianda FL223 LED also has a built-in USB port to charge smartphones and tablets conveniently.

Honjianda Electric Fan

The product can be adjusted to 9 different wind speeds with fan power up to 12W. For small spaces, the Honjianda FL223 LED rechargeable fan is the perfect choice. In particular, the product is very suitable for the elderly and children with up to 30 hours of use in slow mode.

Reference price: 850,000/fan

4. Honjianda FL 601 . rechargeable fan

One of the designs that you should not miss of the Honjianda line is Honjianda FL601 . rechargeable fan. This is a standing fan with a handle that is easy to move and can be adjusted in height depending on different cooling needs. In particular, the product has a maximum capacity of up to 28W, 180-degree rotation mode, 16-inch propeller span and 9 wind speeds suitable for use in many situations. The usage time of the battery ranges from 5 to 12 hours depending on the usage capacity selected by the user.

Honjianda Electric Fan

The Honjianda FL601 rechargeable fan is a savior in hot days and even when the power is out. With 2 AC/DC power modes, you can use Honjianda FL601 as a normal fan without worrying about the battery. In addition to the 5V USB charging port, this product also has a remote control and 6 super bright SMD LEDs. It can be said that this is one of the most outstanding products of the Honjianda line.

Reference price: 1,400,000 VND / fan

Instructions for charging the Honjianda rechargeable fan

In order to maintain the quality and increase the life of the product, users should note the following when charging Honjianda’s rechargeable fan:

  • On the first charge, you should charge it continuously for 20 hours to ensure the battery is fully charged. While charging, you should pay attention to turn off all other functions of the fan.
  • In order for the battery to have a long life and not be damaged, users should only charge it when the battery of the fan is almost empty. As soon as the battery is full, the product must be stopped charging (charging time should not exceed 30 hours).
  • Using the product to the point where the battery is completely depleted and shutting down the device may shorten the life of the battery. For products that can be used for up to 15 hours, it should be charged after 10-12 hours of use.
  • If you do not use the product for a long time, you should at least charge it once about 8-10 hours/month to keep the battery fully charged.

The above article is information about Honjianda electric fan is it good? Top 4 best Honjianda products are popular today. Hopefully, the above sharing will help you choose a product that is suitable for the needs of your family.


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