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From past to present, essential oil scented candle and the use of candles has penetrated deeply into people’s lifestyles all over the world. In countries with advanced cultures such as Europe and America, candles are not only used for decoration and lighting, but also as an effective relaxation therapy. Among them, Yankee candles are probably no longer strange to many people. In this article we will find out Yankee scented candles Is it good and top 5 most fragrant today.

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Introducing the Yankee scented candle brand


In fact, Yankee Candle has more than 40 years of experience in research, manufacturing, and distribution of scented candles in the United States and around the world. The brand has earned a reputation for high quality and “real” fragrance for all its line of scented candles.

With the goal of bringing to Vietnamese consumers the safest, most effective and high-quality aromatherapy, the ATZ Healthy Life brand has cooperated with the American Yankee Candle Company to exclusively distribution rights of this product.


After being present in the Vietnamese market for a while, Yankee Candle has been enthusiastically received by consumers. Moreover, the appearance of the US Yankee Candle high-end scented candle brand in Vietnam is considered an important turning point, and more especially, it is also meant to promote the development of the manufacturing and marketing industries. distribute scented candles in a more positive direction.

Review of Yankee scented candles is good?

To be able to evaluate accurately and objectively Yankee scented candles If not, let’s learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this outstanding product.



  • As mentioned above, Yankee scented candles are voted by consumers as the number one reliable choice for the scented candle product line. Because of Yankee scented candles 100% natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Not only that, Yankee uses the majority of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany in the base notes. This will prolong the scent, create a wide spread and make the user fall in love with the passionate fragrance.
  • Yankee Scented Candles develop a variety of fragrances for different spaces and uses. Owning a collection of 150-178 scents, Yankee has brought customers from the most passionate waxy scents to the light, pure and relaxing scents. From there, you can freely choose the scent that suits your needs.


  • Realized, scented candles are very popular and widely consumed in Vietnam because of their high versatility, aesthetics and convenience. Therefore, to make sure to buy genuine Yankee scented candles, you should choose a reputable shopping address. This avoids causing adverse effects on the health of consumers.

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Top 5 favorite Yankee scented candles

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Yankee Scented Candles currently have many fragrances to meet the needs of consumers. Each fragrance has its own characteristics. If you are wondering which fragrance should be, please refer to the top 5 scents Yankee scented candles most popular today.

1. Yankee Pink Sands Scented Candles

First, the Pink Sands fragrance carries floral, citrus scents. Of course the beach comes into your home at any time of the year with Pink Sands. That is the number one choice for Yankee scented candle believers.


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This fragrance is sweet, gentle and very cute. It will surely make you dream of a cold drink in hand while you bask in the sweet rays of summer sunshine.

Reference price: 790,000 VND

2. Yankee Christmas Cookie Scented Candle

Next is the Yankee Christmas Cookie scented candle with scents of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon, butter and sugar. Once there, you’ll feel like you’re in a confectionery house filled with the scent of baking cookies in the oven.


Yankee Christmas Cookie Scented Candle has a sweet fragrance that has captivated many people to enjoy. Therefore, grab a blanket, a cup of cocoa and cuddle them by the fire as you enjoy the scent of Christmas Cookie.

Reference price: 790,000 VND.

3. Lilac Blossoms Scented Candles

For a long time, lilac has been a difficult scent for us to get right. Then, it will be easy for you to go from a natural, mild smell to an overwhelming fake. The highlight was the Yankee scented candles that perfected their Lilac Blossom scent. This is a gentle fragrance and envelops you in a mellow veil of delicate flowers.


Moreover, this scent is a wonderful springtime fragrance that will brighten up your home. Even if it’s a quiet Sunday reading, or accompanied by the perfect bubble bath, you’re sure to love the scent of the scented candles. Lilac Blossom this.

Reference price: 790,000 VND.

4. Yankee Midsummer’s Night Scented Candle

Tiki sale 15-01

Perhaps this candle carries the most masculine scent in the scent spectrum of Yankee Candle. Because this candle features a sensual blend of patchouli, right tree, along with sage and mahogany.


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Especially, Midsummer’s Night Not a scent that other brands can copy. So it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind scent that you need to add to your collection.

Reference price: 790,000 VND.

5. Yankee Sage & Citrus Scented Candles

With Sage & Citrus scented candles, imagine going to an upscale spa for a day of relaxation. Once there, your senses are awakened with a beautiful array of lemon, sage, and talcum powder. It is a relaxing, gentle and luxurious scent. What’s more, this scented candle will bring a cherished, seductive feeling into your home or office.


In particular, this candle is also an almost perfect copy of the Animal Kingdom Lodge Lobby fragrance used at Disney World. So, try to experience the scent of scented candles Sage & Citrus here you go.

Reference price: 990,000 VND.

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Instructions for using Yankee scented candles properly

To ensure the most effective use of the Yankee Candle, you need to follow the following candle burning principles:

  • Principle 1: For the first burn, you must let the wax melt completely on the surface of the candle and have a depth of about 1cm, for about 1-2 hours (depending on the size of the scented candle).
  • Principle 2: Before lighting the candle, use scissors to cut the wick to a length of about 0.4-0.6cm, to ensure that the flame burns evenly and moderately. You should use candle wick scissors to cut it correctly (before cutting the wick, blow out the candle).


  • Principle 3: The next time you burn Yankee scented candles, you must ensure that the candle melts evenly to the side of the candle. This is to avoid indenting the candle and keep the scent out. Moreover, it also ensures that the melting point of all wax in the jar is equal and avoids the case of candles surrounding the ti. At the same time, avoid the problem of not burning the candle wax and the scent decreasing in the next use.
  • Principle 4: Cut the wick when it feels long.

So we have found out about the problem together Yankee scented candles Is it good and some suggestions on the top 5 favorite Yankee scented candles. Hopefully, this information will help you choose the right scented candle scent.


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