[Review] Máy rửa bát Bosch SMS46MI05E rửa có tốt không? Giá bao nhiêu?

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Dishwasher is an effective assistant in modern life, helping housewives reduce the burden of kitchen work. But with so many different types of dishwashers on the market, which one is the best and best quality today? If you are looking to buy, don’t forget to refer to the article below, we will introduce you to the Bosch SMS46MI05E . dishwasher best selling right now.

Introducing the Bosch brand


Bosch is one of the largest industrial groups established in Germany in 1886 specializing in providing high-class kitchen equipment such as washing machines, induction cookers, hoods, dishwashers, etc.


Through many years of construction and consolidation, the Bosch group has many branches in 60 countries, with more than 193 large and small production plants, 37 business projects. Together with 300,000 full-time employees at facilities worldwide. Thanks to that, the development of Bosch over the years has affirmed its position in the hearts of consumers. Currently, Bosh has many different products such as dishwashers, hand drills, microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines… although the products are assembled and manufactured in many different countries but still European quality standards are guaranteed.

[Review] Is the Bosch SMS46MI05E dishwasher really worth buying?

This is one of the most popular series of home appliances for the kitchen of the Series 4 generation. So Bosch SMS46MI05E . dishwasher Is it really as good as rumored, let’s take a look at the outstanding features of this dishwasher.

1. Models, designs

The Bosch SMS46MI05E dishwasher is appreciated for its luxurious and attractive appearance with an outer shell made of high-grade stainless steel monolithic silver gray. The control panel located on the body is located above the door with an easy-to-see mechanical button system, easy to get used to even for first-timers. The dishwasher’s washing compartment is also favored by the manufacturer to integrate the modern Vario FlexPro smart design with creative and intelligent convenience in arranging the dish space.


The Bosch SMS46MI05E dishwasher is quite square, the highlight is the two upper and lower recesses of the machine creating a prominent and luxurious design. The design of the front door of the machine helps to save space, easy to open and close, convenient for installing under cabinet if desired.

2. Features

  • Save electricity and water: Appliances with an A++ energy rating are 20% more energy efficient than most energy efficient. Therefore, the electricity consumption per dish washing is only about 0.92kWh. The machine is also equipped with a load sensor that can automatically analyze the number of dishes and adjust the amount of water accordingly. This saves a lot of water for one wash.
  • Wash dishes quickly, cleanly and save maximum time: the machine has a basket system that can be stacked up to 14 sets of dishes. The variospeed plus function helps the Bosch SMS46MI05E dishwasher to wash dishes and dry quickly in just a short period of time. Save up to 60% time compared to other conventional models while maintaining performance.


  • Smooth, quiet, noise-free operation: The machine is equipped with Super Silence technology with Ecosilence drive TM motor operating extremely smoothly, without making noise. This motor also has the plus point that it works without a body latch, so it is quiet when operating at a level of 40-45dB.

3. Outstanding technology

6 normal wash programs and 3 special wash programs are intelligently designed as follows:

  • Basic wash 1H 65°C;
  • Auto wash 45-65°C;
  • Silent wash Silence 50°C;
  • Intensive Wash 70°C;
  • Hygiene antibacterial wash;
  • Quick Wash VarioSpeed ​​Plus;
  • Extra Dry

These wash programs fully meet the different usage needs of every household. Reasonable number of programs, easy to use.

ActiveWater system helps Bosch SMS46MI05E . dishwasher Maximize water efficiency through targeted water distribution, smart filtration technology and fast water heating with higher pump efficiency to speed up water circulation. By adjusting the amount of water according to the volume of dishes to be washed in 1 time, it helps to save water to the maximum while still giving surprising washing efficiency.


The durable, quiet EcoSilence engine helps the machine operate smoothly, without noise and save energy. Because the performance of the engine has a direct influence on the power consumption and the amount of water in each wash cycle. The EcoSilence motor was developed with the purpose of durable operation, helping to distribute powerful water to the spray arm to help wash dishes more evenly, more accurately removing stains. Make sure your dishes are cleaned to perfection at all times.

Aqua Sensor water sensor technology is a water sensor technology that adjusts the amount of water based on how dirty the dishes are. Depending on how dirty the dishes are and how much fat is left in the washing water, Bosch SMS46MI05E . dishwasher will automatically set and calculate different washing and rinsing cycles. The AquaSensor function is activated during the first wash to adjust the amount of water to match the volume of the bowl to be washed.

Load Sensor technology helps determine the volume of dishes and water level in the dishwasher, the sensor helps to adjust the water consumption as well as the lowest noise level. Load Sensor is an automatic sensor technology that saves energy when washing less dishes. The weight of the dishes on the washing machine is sensed through a sensor for rotational speed and the level of water in the machine. For a large number of dishes, more water is needed to soak and clean.

Glass Protection technology helps to adjust the water hardness to the right level; does not cause corrosion when cleaning high-grade glass, glass or porcelain objects; Helps maintain existing beauty.

Evaluation of the cleaning efficiency of the Bosch SMS46MI05E dishwasher

Shopee sale 5-5

With each line of dishwashers, in addition to technology, materials, design, and smart features, you also need to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the product. To help you evaluate the product yourself Bosch SMS46MI05E . dishwasher Is it suitable for family use?


Tiki sale 15-01
  • Product design made of high-quality, monolithic stainless steel, extremely durable, anti-distortion, anti-scratch, bringing a luxurious beauty to the kitchen.
  • The control panel system combines buttons, screens and LEDs for accurate and easy to use notifications


  • Extremely large capacity, washes up to 14 sets of dishes
  • Designed with 3 convenient racks, easy to arrange dishes: cutlery spoon holder, dish rack, pot holder, large plate.
  • Reduce noise to the lowest level for extremely quiet operation when washing
  • Equipped with the optimal bactericidal function, maximum cleaning of dishes
  • Glass and glass protection technology to prevent glass wear and keep dishes fresh
  • Load sensor automatically distributes water to save electricity and water
  • The Aquastop system automatically cuts off the water supply when a leak occurs to prevent serious damage whether in the water pipe entering the device or due to a leak in the machine, protecting the engine to operate 24/24 hours every day. day.


  • Compared to other machines on the market, the price is a bit high.
  • Not popular in Vietnam market due to the living habits of Vietnamese people consider the dishwasher as an unnecessary household appliance.

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How much does Bosch SMS46MI05E dishwasher cost? Where do you buy it?

The current Bosch SMS46MI05E . dishwasher are being widely distributed in the Vietnamese market. You can easily find products anywhere:


  • Buy directly: You can go to reputable electronics and home appliances stores across the country
  • Buy online: In addition to going to stores, you can also easily order at e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, etc.

Product prices may vary depending on the location of the product. However, most of them have prices ranging from 19-20 million VND/machine.

Here is all the useful information about Bosch SMS46MI05E . dishwasher. With outstanding features and reasonable price, people still hesitate to buy one for their family so that washing dishes is no longer an obsession of women in cold winter days. .


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