[Review] Máy hút ẩm Dorosin tốt không? 4 model được tin dùng

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Dorosin is one of the brands Dehumidifiers trusted and used by a large number of Vietnamese customers today. Models Dorosin’s dehumidifier extremely diverse in both form and capacity, so it can fully meet the needs of many different customers. In this article, let’s take a look at the best, best-selling Dorosin dehumidifiers on the market.

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Which country’s Dorosin dehumidifier?


Dorosin is an electronics brand from Taiwan with more than 13 years of experience in the field of manufacturing dehumidifiers. In recent years, Dorosin dehumidifier has really built its name in many fastidious markets in the world such as Germany, USA, UK, France…


Dorosin’s products are manufactured on modern and advanced technological lines. Before reaching consumers, Dorosin dehumidifiers must undergo many rigorous technical and quality tests to ensure the best quality. Dehumidifier Dorosin achieved many certificates of European quality standards such as RoHS, UL, CR, GS… so you can use it with complete peace of mind. If customers are looking for a solution to deal with moisture in their home, Dorosin will be an extremely worthy choice for you to consider among the many brands of air dehumidifiers today.

Dorosin dehumidifier is good, worth buying?

Before choosing to buy any dehumidifier product, users will always pay attention to quality first. Dorosin dehumidifier is good or not is an extremely common question of consumers when learning about this machine. To let customers get a comprehensive view of the device Dorosin dehumidifierhere we will objectively evaluate the pros and cons of this product line.


  • Various dehumidifying capacity: The Dorosin brand has launched many models with different operating capacities. This ensures the correct response, in accordance with the spatial needs and climate characteristics of each different region.
  • Elegant and sophisticated design: Dorosin dehumidifier is appreciated by everyone for its aesthetics. The design of the machine is a bit simple, but it creates elegance, elegance and sophistication. The cover of the Dorosin dehumidifier is made of extremely durable hard plastic combined with an extremely easy-to-clean glossy paint, overall creating a premium appearance for the machine.
  • Equipped with two filters: Not only has the function of reducing humidity in the air, the Dorosin dehumidifier is also equipped with two filters with the ability to filter out dust and dirt in the air. The first filter will be responsible for removing basic dirt particles and hairs. The second filter will be responsible for removing superfine dust particles, thereby bringing the freshest air source to the user.
  • The center console is extremely smart, simple to use, easy to perform: Dorosin dehumidifier is a line of electronic dehumidifiers equipped with a very modern electronic control panel. Using the Dorosin dehumidifier is also quite easy thanks to the support of buttons and LCD display screen mounted on the body. For those who are new to this type of machine for the first time, just reading through the Dorosin dehumidifier user manual provided by the manufacturer can be easily manipulated right away.
  • The engine is extremely durable and powerful: High-grade imported engine helps Dorosin dehumidifier can operate continuously from 12 to 14 hours without overheating or fire.
  • Extremely low noise: Although operating with a large capacity, extremely powerful, the Dorosin vacuum cleaner produces little noise. The machine operates extremely quietly, without disrupting the quiet atmosphere of the room. Therefore, this product will be extremely suitable for families with young children, the elderly, offices, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Reasonable price: Dorosin dehumidifier is classified in a product line with a mid-range price, not too expensive like other high-end brands. Therefore, users can completely access all product lines from this brand.



  • Not really popular in Vietnam market: In fact, Vietnamese users are quite cautious with products labeled “Made in China”. This is still a relatively young brand compared to other famous global brands such as Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic, etc., so customers are still quite concerned about product quality.
  • Difficulty in replacing accessories if the product is damaged: Because the products Dorosin dehumidifier The popularity is not high, so users will have a little difficulty in finding and replacing components if unfortunately the machine has problems during operation.


Top 4 most used Dorosin dehumidifiers

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Here are the top 4 types Dorosin dehumidifier most used today.

1. Dorosin ER-630e . Dehumidifier

Referring to the Dorosin ER-630E dehumidifier, we are referring to an extremely fashionable and classy dehumidifier. This series of machines is usually used for small and medium-sized households or offices.

Dorosin ER-630E . Dehumidifier is the best-selling model of this brand. The device is equipped with an operating motor with a capacity of 476W, creating a dehumidifying capacity of 30 liters / day. This parameter will ensure that the air humidity is strictly controlled, limiting the growth of mold and bacteria, protecting the comprehensive health of your family.

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Dorosin ER-630E dehumidifier works on the principle of cold condensing by using a compressor, the heat is then pushed out through the outlet. Therefore, you can also take advantage of this heat to dry clothes quickly in long rainy days, wet weather. In addition, this model is also equipped with a modern UV lamp and TiO2 bar with extremely good bactericidal ability. Users can customize the dehumidifying time or timer for the machine at night.

Reference price: 5,190,000 VND

2. Dorosin ER-616c . residential dehumidifier

This Dorosin 16L dehumidifier is extremely suitable for use with rooms with an area of ​​​​30 to 50m2. The device is the ideal choice for the spaces of families, clinics, offices, libraries, etc.

Dorosin dehumidifier ER-616C Designed with an outer shell made of extremely durable ABS plastic, delicate and luxurious white glossy paint. In addition, the machine is also equipped with an air filter and creates beneficial ions that are dispersed in the air.


The machine’s waste water tank has a capacity of 3 liters and is equipped with a warning light if the water is full to help users promptly pour water. Besides condensing wastewater into a container, you can choose to use a pipe to bring water directly to the outside.

Reference price: 3,850,000 VND

3. Dorosin dehumidifier ER-1201

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Dehumidifier Dorosin ER-1201 has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from users. This is a model of the most urinal in the Dorosin 12L dehumidifier products. The Dorosin ER-1201 dehumidifier is equipped with an extremely intelligent control panel and signal light to help users easily observe and adjust.


In addition to the ability to dehumidify and deodorize unpleasant odors from the room, the Dorosin ER-1201 dehumidifier also has the ability to absorb dust and fur through being equipped with an advanced European-standard air filter system. At the same time, the machine also uses TiO2 absorbing rods and UV light to help disinfect extremely effectively. The machine has a timer and history memory feature, so it is easy for users to manipulate and use. With the above impressive advantages, this will definitely be a dehumidifying device worth the investment.

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Reference price: 3,250,000 VND

4. Dorosin ER-660e . Dehumidifier

Dorosin ER-630E . Dehumidifier designed with a dehumidifying capacity of about 30 liters/day with air flow of about 190m3/hour, so it will be extremely suitable for spaces with modest and narrow areas such as families or offices. room. However, this model, like other models of the Dorosin brand, works extremely well, ensuring to keep the right humidity of the air according to your wishes, while also helping to create a fresh environment. inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria.


You can also take advantage of the heat pushed out by the outlet of the machine to dry clothes on humid days. In addition, the machine is also equipped with modern TiO2 and UV absorbing bar lights to help kill bacteria in the air, a smart timer function, extremely convenient for users.

Reference price: 9,550,000 VND

Dorosin dehumidifier product manual

Before using the product, you need to carefully check the device, make sure Dorosin dehumidifier placed in a balanced position, the room using the dehumidifier needs to ensure a certain tightness and not generate additional moisture.

To run the product, you will first use the POWER button to turn on the power. Then press the SPEED button to be able to adjust the rotation speed of the blower. Use the TIME button to schedule the operation of the Dorosin dehumidifier.


When using, you should adjust so that the humidity is from 40% to 70%, the appropriate humidity for babies and babies is from 40% to 60%. In such humidity conditions, bacteria and molds and other harmful components in the air will not be able to grow and cause harm to your family. In the hospital, people will normally leave the dehumidification mode at about 55-60%.

Above is information about 4 models Dorosin dehumidifier best used. Although the Dorosin dehumidifier product line has just appeared in the Vietnamese market, it has quickly won the trust of users thanks to its superior features. We hope that the above sharing will help you to choose the right device for you.


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