[Review] Chảo Tefal có tốt không? Top 5 sản phẩm bán chạy

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Currently, Tefal pans are one of the imported pans trusted by many consumers. With durable materials, smart design, and the ability to fry extremely convenient to bring enjoyment to housewives. Whether Tefal pan is it really good? Follow our article to get the correct answer.

Tefal pan is from which country?


In fact, Tefal is one of the home appliances brands from France. This brand was officially established and launched in the market in 1956. Over 50 years of construction and development, Tefal Group has been and is one of the famous household brands in the world with its presence. More than 120 countries around the world.


Since its inception, Tefal has been associated with the mission of innovation. Moreover, this is also a premise for continuous development and creation to bring convenience to users. Over the years, Tefal has launched a series of useful household products such as Tefal pan, Tefal kettle, Tefal . pressure cooker…. And Tefal pan is one of the household appliances that many consumers appreciate.

Detailed evaluation of Tefal pan is really good?

To be able to rate Tefal pan If it’s really good, let’s learn about the following outstanding advantages:

Modern styling: Tefal pans have a fairly youthful, modern and luxurious design. In particular, each line of the pan is meticulously focused. From there, it helps to create a harmonious whole page, suitable for many different kitchens. Moreover, the pan colors are also quite eye-catching.

Guaranteed materials, safe for health: Usually, Tefal pans are made from high-quality, tough materials, so they will provide very good heat retention. Besides, the bottom of the pan is usually made from stainless steel, with a shiny and anti-slip floating design. Thanks to that, people will use and clean easily. At the same time, the handle of the pan has also been firmly riveted, resistant to burns and anti-slip, so it is very safe for users. Most Tefal pans are coated with a durable Titanium Anti-Scratch non-stick coating with more than 100,000 sanding times, hard to scratch and hard to peel, very safe for health.


Apply modern technology: Tefal pans are equipped with smart Thermo-Signal technology with a red dot in the center of the pan. It is this indicator that will change when the pan is hot enough, thereby helping the user to know the ideal temperature for cooking. Thereby, making the dish more delicious and saving the amount of fat.

High convenience: Currently, Tefal pans can also be used on many different types of stoves such as gas stoves, induction cookers and infrared cookers… This will bring great convenience to users. From there, helping users do not have to worry too much when choosing.

Durable: Another highlight is that Tefal pans will often have a long life along with good heat resistance. Moreover, the non-stick coating of the pan can withstand more than 100,000 times of sanding. Therefore, helping you save fuel, spend time cooking…

Good price: Although it is a high-class pan, the selling price of Tefal pans is not higher. With just 200,000 VND, you can already hold a prestigious and durable Tefal pan.

Top 5 best selling and durable Tefal pans today

Shopee sale 5-5

Here are the top 5 models Tefal pan best seller on the market, if you are interested in the products of this brand, do not ignore the information below:

1. Deep pan Tefal Ultimate G2681972 – 28cm

First, the deep frying pan Tefal Ultimate G2681972 Designed with a compact, deep design with a height of 10.8cm, it will be suitable for frying and frying food. Besides, this Tefal pan is made of high quality, durable materials. At the same time, the pan is coated with Titanium Anti-Scratch with outstanding anti-stick ability, durable with more than 100000 times of sanding, difficult to scratch and peel. This will ensure the safety of the user’s health.Chao-tefal-3

Not only that, the outside surface of the pan is covered with a smooth, anti-fouling paint that is easy to clean. In particular, the product is applied Thermo-Signal technology with a red dot in the middle of the pan that can intelligently indicate heat. This element helps users to identify the ideal temperature for cooking.

The pan is even designed with a smart magnetic base that can be cooked on all types of stoves, including induction cookers. So you can comfortably use it on different types of stoves.

Reference price: 1,200,000 VND.

2. Pan Tefal Sensations H9100614 28cm magnetic bottom

Next, the 28cm bottom non-stick frying pan Tefal Sensations H9100614 is a non-stick pan with elegant design, luxurious copper color and light weight. Besides, the round pan, made from aluminum alloy, has a thickness of 2.6mm, a diameter of 28cm.


In addition, the inside of this French Tefal non-stick pan has a super durable Titanium Reinforced non-stick coating, good heat resistance and does not release toxic substances during cooking. At the same time, the anti-scald handle of Tefal Sensations pan firmly riveted to the body of the pan, supporting the user to move when cooking.

The bottom of the pan is also made from shiny, easy-to-clean stainless steel and has a non-slip floating dot design on the stovetop. Similar to the above product, the Tefal Sensations H9100614 pan also uses Thermor-spot heat warning technology to be safe to use.

Reference price: 450,000 VND

3. Tefal Cook & Clean Pan B2250495 24cm

If you are wondering which Tefal pan is of good quality, please refer to Tefal Cook & Clean pan B2250495. The product weighs about 600g, the diameter of the pan is 24cm, so it is suitable for frying food.Chao-tefal-5

Besides, non-stick pan This does not have a magnetic base, so it should be used for gas stoves, infrared cookers. However, the pan still applies Thermo-Spot technology with an intelligent heat alarm function with a red round knob in the middle of the pan.

In addition, the pan is coated with Titanium non stick that provides excellent non-stick ability that will help fry without much oil. At the same time, the outside is covered with a non-stick paint that is easy to clean.

Reference price: 249,000 VND.

4. Tefal Excellence Wok G26919 pan

Tiki sale 15-01

Owned with the latest Titanium Anti-Scratch coating from the brand with 6 times more durability, Tefal Excellence Wok Allows you to enjoy cooking with metal utensils without worrying about scratching the pan. Besides, the outer surface is covered with a non-stick coating that will help remove grease easily and clean more quickly.


The company also equips this product with Thermo-Fusion™+ technology, which distributes heat efficiently. Thereby, helping the food to cook evenly and ensure more nutrients. In particular, the product is compatible with dishwashers and ovens. Therefore, it is extremely convenient and saves time.

Reference price: 1,200,000 VND.

5. Tefal So Chef pan G1350295 21cm

Finally, the induction cooker pan has a simple but equally luxurious and elegant design. This Tefal pan stands out with its shiny red color. In addition, the Tefal So Chef G1350295 (G1350296) bowl is round with a diameter of 21cm, with scratch-resistant metal rims, increased durability.


In addition, the pan is made of aluminum alloy with Titanium Reinforced non-stick coating, which is super durable and safe for users’ health. At the same time, the non-stick coating also allows you to use only a modest amount of oil.

In particular, the bottom of the kitchen pan from Tefal is made of shiny stainless steel combined with a large size. From there, it helps to heat easily and works well on all types of stoves.

Reference price: 299,000 VND.

The above article has helped you better understand whether the Tefal pan is really good along with the top 5 Tefal pan best seller right now. Hopefully this information will help you choose a quality non-stick pan to bring delicious meals to your family.

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