Nước xả Downy mùi nào thơm nhất? Top 6 loại được yêu thích

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Fabric softener has become an indispensable part of washing clothes. Currently on the market, there are many famous brands of fabric softener that are trusted by many customers, including Downy. Downy water softener is a familiar product line in our family. Let’s find out which Downy conditioner has the best scent through the article below.

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About the brand Downy


Downy is a fabric softener brand under the P&G group, known for always being at the forefront of technological innovation to serve the needs of consumers. Right from the first days entering the Vietnamese market, Downy has launched a line of fabric softener products with attractive and unique scents that have conquered the most demanding customers.


These are products that have been successfully researched based on the scent transfer technology of the Downy perfume collection. That is why the scent on your clothes is always fresh and radiant, and you will be completely satisfied and satisfied with the line. Downy water softener this.

Review Downy conditioner is good, does it save the fragrance?

To understand more about Downy fabric softener product line is good? Please refer to the detailed information about Downy water softener down here.


Downy focuses not only on production, but also on the design of each product. Therefore, at first sight, it makes a strong impression and attracts customers. The design of Downy conditioner is very elegant, sophisticated and impressive.

Depending on each product line, Downy designs images with different layouts and colors to create their own unique features. Downy conditioner is designed in the form of bags or bottles with different capacities so consumers can easily choose the type of conditioner that suits their needs.


Downy water softener Made from natural ingredients such as herbs, flowers and plant-based ingredients. Therefore, when using Downy conditioner, it helps to achieve the most effective quality in terms of fragrance and softness. In addition, the ingredients in the products of Downy conditioner are also thoroughly researched, ensuring absolute safety for the user’s skin. If you have sensitive or delicate skin, you can use it with confidence.

It only takes about 15 minutes for the fragrance to adhere firmly to the inside of each shirt, combined with the fast absorbing mechanism of each shirt, from there, the clothes will smell good all day long.


Downy water softener There are many diverse, beautiful, sophisticated and impressive designs. Downy Water Softener models come in a variety of designs, each of which is beautiful, sophisticated, and outstanding. Other highlights included in the examples appear here:

  • Fresh color fabric softener with vibrant pink and black combo.
  • Downy cherry blossom conditioner is one of the delicate and luxurious cherry blossom petal rose water brands.
  • Downy passionate conditioner is a combination of attractive black and red colors.
  • Morning sun scent is a brand with a blue background that adorns radiant pink tulips.
  • Mystic conditioner is the image of flowers and perfume bottles with mysterious purple-black color.
  • Downy enticing floral conditioner is a floral print and comes in a seductive black gold perfume bottle.
  • Flower field fragrance softener is a brand of vast vast fields with many colors of splendid flower bouquets.
  • Downy blue ocean conditioner is a brand that combines the cool blue ocean and pure white flowers.
  • Eden garden conditioner is the central brand of the lush green Eden with beautiful and radiant flowers.



The scent of Downy water softener very simple and pleasant, there are many different scents depending on the line. From natural floral scents to seductive sweet fragrances to captivating fragrances. In short, all are very suitable for consumers to freely choose according to their preferences.

Perfume retention

With Downy conditioner, the fragrance lingers on our clothes throughout the day. At the end of the working day, the user will still find the scent still clinging to the shirt, creating a feeling of extreme comfort and ease.

The scent of Downy laundry detergent can last up to 3 months if your clothes are folded and stored. Customers who use this Downy fabric softener just need to open the wardrobe to still be able to see the gentle scent of each of their clothes.


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Downy brand laundry detergents range in price from about VND 90,000 for a 1.5 liter bag. Prices continue to fluctuate greatly depending on the finished product packaged in different volumes. Downy fabric softeners are quite affordable. Therefore, the majority of consumers always love choosing to buy this product.


Top 6 Downy fabric softener scent lasts the longest

Shopee sale 5-5

That Downy brand has a lot of different fabric softeners. Each ingredient is a different and very attractive scent. At the same time, Downy water softener also designed bags and bottles, allowing consumers to choose according to their preferences.

Next, we will continue to list and share softeners to help consumers easily choose the most fragrant and suitable for their preferences.


1. Downy conditioner with passion

Using modern fragrance transmission technology, you just need to put a little conditioner on your clothes, the perfume particles will quietly penetrate each fabric, so that every time you move, it will break up and spread in waves. . The refreshing scent keeps clothes smelling fresh all day long. Downy conditioner with passion It has all natural ingredients that are very gentle and safe for health.


Reference price of the product: 115,000 VND/1.8 liter, 247,000 VND/3.8 liter, 168,000 VND/3 liter.

2. Mysterious Downy Softener

Mysterious Downy Conditioner is one of a group of premium products with a delicate and seductive scent. With advanced scent transfer technology, this product line will give you a different scent experience with just a light touch of your clothes. Due to the application of fragrance refining in the fabric softener formulation, the lightly scented particles stay on the clothes for a long time, even during outdoor activities.


Reference price of the product: 159,000 VND/2.3 liters, 128,000 VND/1.8 liters, 103,000 VND/1.4 liters.

3. Emotional Downy Conditioner

Downy fabric softener with emotional flavor is favored by many housewives thanks to its unique fragrance, which helps clothes stay for a long time even during outdoor activities. The fragrance of this product line adopts the method of mixing different scents, combined with the technology of microscopic floral scent molecules to slowly penetrate into each fabric.


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Reference price of the product: 88,000 VND / 1.6 liters.

4. Downy Eden conditioner

Inspired by natural gardens, Downy Eden Garden Water Gentle and extremely safe for health. Not only that, this product is manufactured with a floral scent retention formula that allows the scent particles to penetrate deeply into each fabric and release fragrance with your movements, helping to keep clothes smelling fresh after a day of activity.


Reference price of the product: 152,000 VND/2.1 liters.

5. Downy conditioner with morning sunshine

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Morning sun fragrance softener brings a cool, attractive fragrance inspired by the scent of flowers in the early morning to help linger on clothes for a long time. In addition, the micro-molecular formula penetrates deeply into each fabric to help remove moisture and unpleasant odors. Besides the unique and creative scent, Downy water softener It is also an effective assistant for housewives to help soften clothes after washing.


Reference price of the product: 92,000 VND/1.3 liters.

6. Downy conditioner cool breeze antibacterial

Fabric softener has tiny odor particles that stay on the fabric even after a period of drying and the scent lasts all day. Keeps clothes fresh instantly, leaving them soft and silky after every wash. Fragrance meets needs, softens fabrics and prevents odors. Brings a pleasant fresh scent that not only lasts up to 2 weeks, but also has to fight the 10 most unpleasant and pleasant odors.


Reference price of the product: 110,000 VND/1.5 liter

The address to buy genuine Downy softener

To be sure to buy the product Downy water softener Genuine products, you can go to many trusted addresses such as genuine grocery stores or large commercial centers, etc. In addition, you can completely save time and money through e-commerce platforms. such as Tiki, Shopee, Lazada, …

The above article wants to tell you about the top 6 types Downy water softener My favorite long-lasting and airy fragrance. Hopefully, the above information will help you choose for yourself a type of conditioner that is suitable for your own personality.


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