Ngải cứu có tác dụng gì? Cách sử dụng ngải cứu đúng cách

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Wormwood is both a vegetable and a medicinal plant, which can be easily found in the home garden of many Vietnamese families, with a simple yet highly effective use. However, not everyone knows about the effects of wormwood. eat vegetables What is the effect of wormwood?How to use mugwort?

What is wormwood? What is the effect of wormwood?

Characteristics of wormwood

Wormwood is a plant quite familiar to the Vietnamese people, it appears in many remedies as well as daily dishes. Wormwood is also known as wormwood, a rescue medicine, but this name is more popular in the South.

Wormwood vegetables

Wormwood tree usually has a height of 0.4 – 1m, the leaves have essential oil, the tree is distributed mainly in Europe, Asia, North Africa, Alaska and North America. However, not all areas use this plant, in some areas it is considered an invasive plant that needs to be destroyed.

In Vietnam, wormwood often grows wild in provinces such as Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Yen Bai, Cao Bang, Lang Son, Ha Giang… this is a valuable source of medicinal herbs that is regularly exploited to produce medicine. Wormwood is also grown in the garden of many families, meeting the needs of local use in cooking or treating some simple diseases.

What is wormwood? Wormwood plant belongs to the daisy family, herbaceous, has a perennial life cycle, the leaves are alternate, the upper surface of the leaves is dark green, the lower surface has white velvet.

Wormwood is usually harvested around June and the parts used are mainly the leaves, which can be easily grown by cuttings or seedlings. Although the tree produces fruit and seeds, the seeds are not used for planting.

What is the effect of wormwood?

Is it good to eat wormwood? Drinking water with fresh wormwood is often interested in many people because this plant is easy to see in daily life and while not everyone knows about its uses.

Wormwood is very effective in supporting pain relief
Wormwood is very effective in supporting pain relief

What are the effects of wormwood? Wormwood contains an essential oil content of 0.20 – 0.34% with the main components being monoterpenes, tricosanol, arachololcol, dehydromatricaria ester, tetradecatrilin and sesquiterpene, …

Wormwood has many effects such as sedative, biliary tract, can be antibacterial, and hemostatic, etc. According to folk experience passed on by many people, eating wormwood is effective in treating menstruation. Irregular, bloody or anti-flatulence, abdominal distension, diarrhea, constipation…

There are many different ways to use wormwood depending on the purpose, wormwood can be dried for long-term use or eaten directly fresh.

Although eating wormwood has a lot of good effects on the body, people should not abuse it, using high amounts of wormwood or eating it too often can cause some bad side effects for the body. with the body. Eating too much wormwood can cause poisoning leading to tremors in the limbs or convulsions leading to damage to brain cells.

People should only eat wormwood 1-2 times in a week, if using dried wormwood to drink for treatment, they should only drink 3-5g dry and drink in batches, when cured, stop drinking and drink. should not be used long term.

How to use mugwort properly

What are the benefits of drinking fresh wormwood juice?

  • Cough, flu, headache

Wormwood is warm, so it is useful in relieving colds. The method is very simple, you just need to take 300 grams of wormwood leaves, 100 grams of eucalyptus leaves, and 100 grams of grapefruit leaves and boil with 2 liters of water for about 20 minutes and then steam.

You can do it another way such as taking 100g of wormwood with 50gr of lemongrass and 100gr of lemon basil leaves, 100gr of perilla leaves, boiled with ½ liter of water and drank continuously for 5 days to help relieve cough, treat flu, reduce dizziness, dizziness, headache.

What are the benefits of drinking fresh wormwood juice?
What are the benefits of drinking fresh wormwood juice?
  • Treat acne, rash and whiten skin

Not only effective in treating acne, wormwood also helps the skin become white, pink and smooth. You can use crushed fresh wormwood leaves on your face for 20 minutes and then wash it off.

For young children with heat rash, itching can use crushed wormwood leaves and extract water for children to bathe.

  • Treatment of joint pain

What are the benefits of drinking fresh wormwood juice? In the elderly, it is common to experience osteoarthritis and sciatica symptoms that greatly affect daily activities and difficulty walking. To improve this condition, you can use crushed wormwood leaves, squeeze the juice, add honey to reduce the bitter taste, and then drink it twice a day until pain relief.

This use is of great interest to many women, the ingredients are extremely simple, best suited for postpartum women who want to regain their breasts, slim and attractive body.

Fresh wormwood juice helps to reduce belly fat
Fresh wormwood juice helps to reduce belly fat
  • Relieve menstrual pain, regulate menstruation

The use of wormwood in reducing menstrual pain, regulating menstruation. Menstrual cramps are experienced by almost every woman. Drinking fresh wormwood juice can help regulate menstruation, you can use wormwood brewed with boiling water to drink as tea or to drink water daily. The way to drink wormwood juice is divided into 3 times / day in the day before menstruation. You can also use mugwort juice in its powder or powder form.

Moreover, we also have a cure for irregular menstruation with wormwood. Take 10g of dried wormwood and boil it with 200ml of water until it is condensed to about 100ml. To make it easier to drink, you can add sugar or honey and use it twice a day. If you want to quickly relieve menstrual cramps, you can increase the amount and decrease when the menstrual cramps have subsided.

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What are the benefits of wormwood eggs?

The use of wormwood is very miraculous. The combination of chicken eggs and wormwood brings unexpected effects. When cooked together, eggs are not only nutritious but also have a very different taste, mugwort eggs work to promote blood circulation and remove stagnant blood.

On the other hand, cooking eggs and wormwood is also very helpful for our meridians to function properly. It is beneficial for the body’s metabolism. Besides, this dish also helps to remove some harmful substances and waste from the body.

Fresh wormwood juice helps to reduce belly fat
Fresh wormwood juice helps to reduce belly fat

Women who often feel cold, eating wormwood eggs also helps us eliminate cold symptoms in the uterus and makes the uterus gradually become warmer.

For women, the combination of eggs and wormwood is also a really good health care and skin protection dish, because it can keep our skin moist and smooth. Residues, stains cling to our skin, gradually making dark spots fade, brighter.

When eggs and wormwood combine, it will have an anti-aging effect, delay the aging of the skin, thereby making your face more rosy and smooth.

How to make delicious and simple wormwood fried eggs

Ingredients for wormwood fried eggs:

  • 2-3 chicken eggs or duck eggs
  • 1 handful of wormwood leaves
  • Dried onion, pepper, salt, fish sauce
  • Cooking oil


Step 1: Wormwood leaves are washed, put on a basket to drain.

Step 2: Finely chop wormwood leaves and dried onions.

Step 3: Break the eggs into a bowl, beat them with chopsticks, add a teaspoon of fish sauce and half a teaspoon of salt.

Step 4: Mix wormwood with half of the dried onion, in a bowl of eggs, mix well with chopsticks.

Step 5: Heat a pan with two small spoons of cooking oil, use the remaining half of the dried lemon to fry until fragrant, pour in the eggs and fry until golden brown on both sides.

Step 6: Enjoy the dish: You put wormwood eggs on a plate and eat with hot rice is the best.

What are the benefits of taking a bath of wormwood leaves?

The effect of wormwood not only helps children treat rashes, scabies, skin rashes, soothes wounds and inflammation effectively. Bathing wormwood leaves also helps children relieve colds, prevent flu at the time of season change, in the cold season effectively and feel warmer when bathing, suitable as bathing water for children in winter.

What are the benefits of taking a bath of wormwood leaves?
What are the benefits of taking a bath of wormwood leaves?

Wormwood leaves contain essential oils that have detoxifying and antiseptic effects, and wormwood leaves used for bathing have certain effects on the body. Boil wormwood leaves for bathing without fuss, just a handful of wormwood leaves, wash off all dirt, then boil for 5-10 minutes, take out the leaves, then pour the water to boil the wormwood leaves into the tub. bath, add cold water for the water to have a suitable temperature for bathing.

The essential oil in wormwood leaves has antitussive, expectorant and anti-allergic effects. Normally, wormwood leaves have no side effects, less likely to be poisoned, but also do not use too much, only boiling about 20-30g of wormwood leaves is appropriate, if the cough is gone, the skin will stop itching. should be stopped, should not be used for a long time.

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What is the effect of applying wormwood?

Applying wormwood is one of the most popular methods of using mugwort for healing. Applying wormwood is using warm, hot wormwood leaves to apply directly or indirectly to the areas of skin that need treatment. The warm and hot air combined with the essential oil in wormwood has the effect of warming yang, cold, clearing the meridians, regulating blood, etc. This is a simple, easy, safe, inexpensive but effective method. quick results, helping to bring a pleasant and refreshing feeling to the user.

Apply wormwood
What is the effect of applying wormwood?

The method of applying wormwood usually quickly brings an extremely comfortable feeling to the patient, but there are some points to note when using it as follows:

  • Contraindicated to put directly on sensitive or scratched skin areas, sores, pimples, itchy skin lesions, varicose veins.
  • Use caution when using for people with loss of sensation, having a fever.
  • During the procedure, the patient should not apply too much heat as this can cause skin burns in the area.
How to use mugwort
How to use mugwort

Proceed as follows:

Prepare ingredients: Wormwood leaves are washed, drained and salted with large seeds.

You bring the wormwood leaves to dry in a pan. If you notice that the wormwood leaves are dry and hot at a high temperature, proceed to add more salt to the roast.

Next, you put the mixture into a pack, let it cool down, and then apply it to the painful area that needs treatment.

Apply this method 3 times a week, you will see a significant improvement in pain and fatigue.

Above are the sharing of thapgiainhietaliangchi.com about what effect wormwood has? How to use mugwort. If you still have any questions about this issue, readers can leave a comment below for us to receive the earliest answer. Thank you for taking the time to pay attention to the article, thank you very much.


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