Nên mua đèn livestream size nào? Top 6 Đèn livestream tốt nhất

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Nowadays, most young people, including adults and artists, use livestream programs on social networks to share work, sales or just to share their daily life. However, to be able to do the job in the best way, you will always need the necessary tools such as a microphone, a phone holder. Especially indispensable livestream lights with the ability to adjust light, quality and clarity for your livestreams. But you are having difficulty choosing to buy livestream lights whichever is appropriate. So, please refer to the following sharing content to find the most suitable product for you.

What is a livestream light?


The livestream light is a special lighting auxiliary device with high luminous intensity. They are often used to support livestream video recording, photography, makeup support. Especially today, they are commonly used in photo studios, online broadcasts.


The livestream light has a great use in improving the image quality, the light of the lamp is designed in the opposite direction. As a result, light will be focused on the center of the lens that the camera is aiming for, resulting in clearer footage. The livestream light bulb is very bright, but it also limits the glare of the opposite person. At the same time, the light from the lamp harmonizes with most of the phone’s camera, creating a synchronized scene with very realistic and vibrant colors.

Experience choosing to buy a good type of livestream light

Choosing to buy the right livestream light is not an easy task because the market today has many different product lines. In addition, the characteristics, parameters and functions of each device are also different. Of course, you can consider to make the most accurate and optimal choice for certain needs. Here are some important experiences you should refer to when buying livestream lights.

Choose the right type to use

First, determine what your primary use is. It’s a matter of deciding which live light to buy is best for you. For example, if you regularly stream sales, makeup, and tik tok in your room, you can invest in mini livestream lights. At the same time, if you want to take photos and record videos in a large studio, you should buy a large-capacity, large-sized live light that will be more suitable.


Choose lights that can be easily adjusted in brightness and color

When you need to find a good light, some livestream lights can easily adjust the brightness and color is also your best choice. Specifically, the user will change the color of the light from white to yellow, pink, blue, etc. Thus, the tool will help create more striking and impressive results. For those who want to take artistic photos and record videos to emphasize their work, this element and function should not be overlooked.


Choose a light livestream light that is easy to put in your pocket

Many people may not notice, but the shape and size of the lamp is also very important. The smaller the lamp, the easier it is to carry around to avoid cumbersome situations. In addition, you should refer to lamps that can be folded and put in a neat bag. Currently, there are many cheap livestream lights with smart designs that can be conveniently folded. Therefore, customers need to pay attention to choosing the right type of lamp.

Top 6 beautiful light livestream lights, best to buy today

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Here we would like to share some suggestions on professional livestream light product models used for photography and videography that many users are interested in and selected. Please refer to some models and brands to choose products livestream lights The right high-end professional offers the best experience.

1. Aturos Puluz professional live light PKT3035

Equipped with up to 80 LEDs, the PKT3035 livestream light uses skin temperature-compatible light conversion technology. The PKT3035 livestream light set is also attached to a tripod made of high-grade aluminum alloy tube, this tripod is designed to be very compact, can be folded without taking up much space.


In addition, the lamp has 3 color modes and can be adjusted to the perfect color and light level. Aturos Puluz live light PKT3035 USB-powered, so you can power any device like laptops, power banks, and more. Comes with the product is a clamp with a width of up to 5.7 – 9 cm to use for devices such as phones and tablets.

In addition, the tripod can be adjusted to the desired axis of rotation, the stand is designed to be easily pulled and adjusted, very convenient. With a lightweight design, it is very convenient to use with a tripod, which can be placed anywhere and removed at any time. Especially when connected through the tripod swivel ball, which can rotate 360 ​​degrees to help you comfortably adjust at any angle.

The cost of the product is about 400,000 VND.

2. Doled DLF9R0 . Led Livestream Light


Doled is a brand trusted by consumers today and has many different LED live stream product lines. The company’s products are also considered to be of low quality and durable. Doled DLF9R0 . livestream light comes with hundreds of small white and yellow LEDs. Helps users get a good light source when taking product photos. With a lamp post height up to 200cm, it can be easily adjusted to suit many different shooting and recording angles.

In addition, this product uses ABS shell material, the lamp base is made of steel and aluminum, which is very light and safe, and consumes less power.

The price is about 980,000 VND.

3. Professional quality LED livestream light HQ-RL 21

Coming from the Chinese OEM brand of the HQ-RL 21 high-end livestream light, the HQ-RL21 is a professional high-end light for photography and videography, capturing details and supplementing light. Led live light HQ-RL21 uses lens technology to provide uniform light, no black spots, and eye protection. Its color temperature is 2900k-6500k, suitable for makeup artists, photographers, videographers, bloggers.


In addition, this product has a number of lamp beads of 160 pieces, ensuring high capacity operation and best service for your work. The lighting system includes white light, warm white light and natural light, allowing you to unleash your live broadcast for different purposes. The lamp holder design is 2.1m high when folded, only about 71cm, quite compact, can be placed anywhere.

Reference price for this product is: 1,200,000 VND.

4. Professional livestream light, Kingjoy 19 inch R119

Kingjoy is a famous brand specializing in the production of professional video and photography equipment. Typical for this brand’s product is the 19-inch Kingjoy livestream light R119, which has a convenient color temperature knob with a special 320-ball LED design. Lamp brightness increased from 0%-100% color temperature 3200K-6500K, no color filter, can meet your different lighting needs. The color rendering index is 80RA, and the effect is more realistic when the light hits the subject.


Besides Kingjoy 19 inch livestream light R119 This also has 19 inch diameter ring light level, color effect is more uniform, high intensity without flicker, protect your eyes. The light can be rotated 180 degrees, you can freely adjust the angle depending on your shooting needs. The light has a standard 1/4 screw foot and can be a smartphone holder about 54-85mm wide. In addition, there are 2 flexible power supply ports that can directly charge the lamp or support charging mobile phones via USB port, the lamp housing is made of ABS material, lightweight and durable.

Reference price for this product is: 1,500,000 VND

5. Puluz KT 3038 livestream livestream light

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Live broadcast lights Puluz KT 3038 live light praised for its smart, convenient design and is one of the six best professional livestream lights available today. The product is perfectly designed on a tripod, light but sturdy, providing durability during use.


In addition, thanks to the great design in a very flexible horizontal frame, equipped with a Led ring of 72 bulbs for more even light and better color display. In particular, the light ring can be disassembled, folded, moved easily, adjusts 3 color modes according to the needs of use, is more and more popular in high-end livestream lights.

Reference price for this product is: 500,000 VND

6. Professional livestream light DOXG-V6

DOXG-V6 . livestream light It is the most common and convenient model today. This product meets the needs of users because it has a compact folding design that is easy to carry and does not take time to assemble. Not only has solid design materials, the product also has many advantages such as standard colors, clear images with 2 LED bulbs of 100 white, 100 warm colors interwoven.


This livestream lamp model ensures the best user satisfaction because it can customize the color of the light to match the skin tone, making the image more beautiful. There are also many different advantages that follow, such as live broadcasting, bluetooth selfies from many angles plus flexible folding ability, large capacity battery. So it has become a very well received product, well worth owning.

Reference price for this product is: VND 700,000

Here is some useful information about livestream lights and top 6 best lamps for you. Hope the above information will help you choose the best type of livestream light.


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