Duyên âm là gì? Dấu hiệu và cách cắt duyên âm

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What is a vowel sound? From a spiritual point of view, having a predestined, predestined vow is a person whose love life or marriage encounters many obstacles, often breaking off the burden in the middle of the road, so the predestined relationship is unsuccessful. So is the predestination real? What is a predestined sound?? Recognition sign. Let’s find out with thapgiainhietliangchi.com!

Find out what does predestination mean?

What is the vowel sound?

What is a vowel sound? What is predestined? Dependent sound is a term used to refer to the predestined relationship between a living person in the earthly world and a deceased person in the afterlife. But for some reason (may be death, unjust death, death, premature death, suicide, suicide or death, sudden death) that the deceased cannot escape, because no If you can’t let go of feelings, still cling to the living person, do not accept the fact that you are dead, so you try to cling and pursue the living person, affecting the path of that person’s love.

What is a predestined sound?
What is a vowel sound? Signs and how to cut predestined vowels

What is the vowel sound? Besides, there are cases of people who have strong desires while living. After they die or die, their spirit forms change to follow their desires and thoughts of hatred, so they find ways to return to the underworld to follow the old person or cling to someone as if they accidentally caught their eye. their green”. This is also identified as a type of predestination.

According to the Buddhist concept, the predestination is called the pre-condition. This concept has been present and existed for a long time in the spiritual world. Accordingly, predestined relationships are passionate relationships or hatred left by cause and effect from previous lives, between people who have loved each other but have not been completely resolved.

When suffering from predestined yin, people often go to temples, shrines or palaces to cut the predestined yin, but very few people go to pagodas. Because in the Buddhist concept, cultivators will not be allowed to divide the fate of others.

What is a vowel sound? Besides being understood in a spiritual sense, Duyen Am is also the name of a song by singer Hoang Thuy Linh, premiered on December 19, 2019. You can easily find and listen to Duyen Am lyrics (lyrics) on the Internet.

Is fate real?

Although the concept of Duyen Yin has existed for a long time in folk life, to this day, it is still a mystery in the spiritual world and is unknown to humans, science has not been able to prove it. can prove.

Is fate real?
Is fate real?

Although to this day science has proven that souls are real. But whether or not the soul can influence and affect people, there is no specific evidence or experiment to prove it. Therefore, the theory of Dependent Sound has not been accepted by the scientific community.

However, in real life, especially in Asian religious culture, the concept of predestined vows is very common, because there have been many cases of people having problems with their love line, confusion in their married life, etc. When going to see fortune-telling, the teachers say that there is a predestined relationship. And after being cut off the predestined yin, the love line becomes very favorable, without any problems, the husband and wife get along in harmony.

After all, whether the Yin Yin is real or not depends on the beliefs and views, as well as the beliefs and lifestyle of each individual.

According to the author’s personal point of view, it is only considered as the cause and effect of this life. If you feel or have faith that you are attached to the Yin charm, find a way to pay off the predestined debt (if any). After being cut off the yin, the love line of many people becomes more favorable, possibly due to psychological factors, that person feels secure, mentally comfortable, lives a more positive life, and naturally the love line becomes should be fresh, flat.

What types of vowels are there?

What is predestined fate?

What is the predestined yin? The predestined vows of the past life are the souls in the previous life who liked you, secretly loved you, or were the people who had formed a predestined relationship with you. They follow you for the rest of your life or maybe they will meet you again and follow.

What types of vowels are there?

This kind of predestined relationship usually doesn’t do you any harm or only hinders your love life when you encounter bad people. They even help you with other issues in life.

What is the way to neutralize the predestined yin? If you are young, there is no need to resolve immediately. When it’s time to get married and get married, but the love line is still rough, just gently talk to them and advise them; There is also no need to find a teacher to perform the reconciliation ceremony.

Destiny follows the

What is the predestined sound? These are wandering spirits, not carefully worshiped by anyone. You accidentally fit into their “sight”; If they like you, they should follow you for the purpose of getting married with them. This kind of predestined sound will often follow to destroy the love, fortune, health, .. of those who are being followed.

Or it may be that the pre-conditions due to the unmarried vows that are tied to the mortal people often follow to break the predestined conditions of the mortals. At the same time, they may also find ways to drag that mortal to the underworld to become a husband and wife with them. Being followed by death is the most dangerous kind of predestined yin.

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Besides, it is also possible that two people had deep hatred in a previous life, possibly due to betrayal, adultery, etc., which is also the kind of predestined relationship to follow. This type of predestined vowel is extremely dangerous and needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise, the souls of those spirits may turn into demons, find ways to take revenge on the positive or find a way to drag that person down to the underworld with them.

How to neutralize the predestined sound that follows the break: It is advisable to seek out the skilled sorcerers to be neutralized. At the same time, if you are the one at fault, you must repent to neutralize all hatred.

Paying the debt of grace

What does kind of predestination mean? Those are the people in the past life who liked you but you couldn’t agree and reject them. Until you become a spirit complete, still follow you. This kind of predestined relationship will follow until you pay off your debt, then they will automatically leave. They are neither a danger nor a help to you.

Paying the debt of grace
What is debt repayment?

What is the present life fate?

The predestined life is a predestined relationship between a mortal person and a negative person living in the same life, without the person being affected by the negative effect even knowing it. Cases of predestined existence are as follows:

  • Bring belongings and mementos of the deceased, unmarried people home to use such as: clothes, hairbrush, shoes, jewelry, etc.
  • Teasing young, unmarried people with words of flirting, flirting, and praise.
  • Going to the toilet in places where people are not sacred, such as rice trees, banyan trees, roads where accidents often happen, etc.
  • Buying land, renting a house has bad gas, there are people who die, die unjustly, die young, die, commit suicide, because of love, etc.
  • Or go early / leave late to the most active ghosts or the time frames with heavy yin.
  • On the way, he happened to meet a spirit who lost a child with the same date of birth as him, was in harmony with his destiny and astral, so the spirit followed and became a predestined sound.

What is a vowel sound? Signs to identify predestined vows?

What is it like to have a predestined sound? We can tell if someone has a predestined relationship based on some of the following signs:

  • The road of love is not favorable, encounters many obstacles, falls in love with anyone in the middle of the road, fails or does not pay attention to anyone. If marriage can be reached, the married life with many conflicts will quickly break up without understanding why…
  • Temperament suddenly changes in a negative direction but not from work or family, etc.
  • Or sit around, bewildered as if this body is not yours; Sometimes you can’t control your thoughts.
  • Often appear strange dreams, repeat many times, meet someone many times but do not know.
  • Sometimes you hear vague statements, whispers in your ear as if to incite you to do something, without your intention.
  • There is a feeling of fear and cold when standing in front of images of God, Buddha, temples, shrines, etc.
  • Or doze off and always have a feeling of fatigue in the body, no vitality. When I went to the doctor, I couldn’t find the cause.
  • Sudden pain in some part of the body for no apparent reason.
  • Suddenly feeling sad, bored, hopeless for no apparent reason. There are even people who have had the intention of wanting to commit suicide to end their lives.
Signs to recognize predestined vows
Or just lounging around like this body isn’t yours

What is a predestined vowel, should you cut a predestined vowel?

Buddhism holds that we are all influenced by the law of cause and effect. Everyone has a predestined relationship. Those predestined conditions will affect the love line, married life, but how depends on each person. A special case of positive predestination is the relationship in the clan, possibly

It could be family members who have passed away (brothers, grandparents) who follow to protect you in life, often referred to as patrons. In the process, they may have accidentally broken your love line (because in your eyes, he is a good person, but to them, he is not trustworthy, not good at all) so maybe make you think that you have a predestined sound to follow.

But there are also cases of death following the break and death, making the love road extremely difficult, becoming a charm but forever unsuccessful.

Cut the charm
What is a predestined vowel, should you cut a predestined vowel?

Therefore, depending on each type of vowel, you make a decision whether to cut it or not. In particular, we would also like to emphasize one thing that spirituality is not bad, but we must know how to moderate, not blindly believe in supernatural forces and forget our real life. Don’t go after things you don’t understand because of too much faith.

How to cut the vowel along?

The most common way that many people choose to neutralize the vowel sound is to find a teacher to perform the vowel cutting ceremony. This ceremony is arranged to comfort the souls of the deceased, help them wake up and leave the world, escape, and return to their true realm. This ritual will be performed by shamans, sorcerers, mediums or skilled magicians.

Don't cut your own vowels at home
Don’t cut your own vowels at home

Besides, a problem that many people wonder is should you do the ceremony to cut the vowel by yourself? The answer is no, because if the way to cut the charm is not correct, it can make the spirits angry, which can easily produce unpredictable consequences; Or maybe unintentionally causing the dead to not be transcended, the accumulated resentment energy is more and more difficult to resolve. Therefore, it is best if you want to do a ceremony to cut the vowel sound, you should ask a teacher with high magic power to neutralize it. They will give you specific instructions on how to prepare the offerings, how to cut the vowels correctly and accurately.

Dependent sound is a spiritual phenomenon that has many mysteries, yet to be explained by science. However, you should not be too subjective, belittled by the stories of the very popular predestined vows that many people have encountered in real life. Hopefully the information in the above article will help readers better understand what the predestined sound is as well as the surrounding issues related to this spiritual phenomenon!


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