Đức năng thắng số là gì? Câu chuyện về đức năng thắng số

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In life, when we are unlucky to encounter calamities and vices, we often hear advice such as “Victory to win numbers” or “Try to accumulate virtue” and then we will overcome it. So what is the ability to win numbers? understand how and why people have such advice, all will be answered by thapgiainhietliangchi.com through the following article.

How is the ability to win numbers?

faith to win the what does it mean? The ability to win numbers in Chinese is written as 德能胜数 dé Néng shèng shù, which means that Phuc Duc will win over fate.

“Virtue” here is the virtue, love, tolerance and altruism of people, and “number” is the fate, blessing, and destiny of each person. So what does the virtue of winning numbers mean? We can understand that Living virtuously will change the fate and destiny of people.

faith to win the
How is the ability to win numbers?

In Buddhism, Christianity or most religions, the word German is always emphasized on the top, which is used to teach and admonish people to live righteously, to live a beautiful life, to direct people to honest things.

In the I Ching, it is also emphasized that the cultivation of “virtue” is more important than the cultivation of the body. “Demon of the gods” means that Germany has an equal role with Heaven.

The virtue of winning numbers in the Horoscope, the principles of Taoism are recognized through the Phuc Duc sign and the Phuc Tinh sets specializing in rescue. The ability to win numbers in Horoscope is seen through a number. If you choose the path of doing good deeds, it needs to require perseverance, perseverance in pursuing to the end of people to aim for Truth – Compassion, finding happiness in the mind.

What is the ability to win numbers in English? In English, we have a saying “Good deeds can change fate” which is understood as good deeds that can change fate with the same meaning as winning the lottery.

What is virtue to win numbers, what is humanity’s intention to win?

Virtue wins numbers, humanity wins over heaven means:

If you are facing unsatisfactory things, facing many difficulties in life, suffering from bad karma, then try to live a good life, virtue will definitely be rewarded, arrange to overcome the fate created by karma.

If everything is going well, then don’t be in a hurry to be happy or subjective, being arrogant and creating new bad karma, which will affect your old good karma and future destiny.

If people know how to accumulate virtue and do good deeds, improve their mental health, maintain their virtue, and are always tolerant, they can change and change their destiny in a positive direction.

What is virtue to win numbers, what is humanity's intention to win?
What is virtue to win numbers, what is humanity’s intention to win?

Is the ability to win numbers real?

What is the ability to win generals? Is the ability to win numbers correct? We can realize that life is always changing, so is our destiny, not by default but changing according to the way of life, living in the heart of people and accumulating virtue.

According to the concept of Buddhism, life is a series of causal processes, regardless of species, there is no escape from the law of cause and effect, the law of karma. Karma is the acts created through physical actions, actions, speech, communication or thoughts. In the course of our lives we accidentally or intentionally, knowingly or unknowingly create karma, suffer bad or good results that will come to the future or the next life, sometimes even affecting our descendants. This is the result created by the cause (karma), the fate, the destiny of each person, a group of people, a species or many species.

Therefore, people living in the world need to practice good and accumulate virtue to be able to meet evil and turn good, to neutralize all tribulations in life, that is the ability to overcome fate. Careful sowing good seeds will soon receive a good sweet fruit! Let’s live happily in mindfulness of the present, despite the ups and downs of karmic life, live with kindness, kindness, compassion, heart, tolerance and forgiveness for each other, sooner or later good karma will also come to me.

Summary of some stories about the virtue of winning numbers

Story 1: Should do good, stay away from evil

Legend has it that in the Northern Song Dynasty, in a certain village, there lived a disabled beggar boy about 10 years old but had a kind heart.

In front of the village, there is a large, fast-flowing stream, but because there is no bridge to cross it, the villagers have to wade every day, which is very inconvenient and dangerous, especially for the elderly and children in the flood season.

Then one day, the disabled beggar boy was seen collecting rocks by the stream and explaining, “I want to build a bridge so that people can travel easily.” The villagers thought it was a joke, a dream, so no one noticed.

Do good deeds and stay away from evil
Do good deeds and stay away from evil

But every day that pile of stones gradually increased to become a mound, the villagers now understood and joined together to gather enough stones to build a bridge, then hire workers to work together.

During the construction of the bridge, the beggar boy was unfortunately hit by a rock fragment and blinded both of his eyes. The people were very sorry for the crippled boy who was now blind, but he still did not complain and continued to try to help the villagers.

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Finally, after many hard days, the bridge over the stream was completed. Although he couldn’t see anything, the boy’s face couldn’t hide a bright smile. Suddenly, there was a loud thunderclap in the clear sky and the poor crippled boy was killed by lightning right on the newly built bridge.

At the right time, Bao Cong went to visit here, the villagers came out and complained why the blue sky harms good people. Touched and indignant at this tragic story, Bao Cong wrote the sentence: Ninh does evil, and the object does good (that is, it is better to do evil than to do good).

After returning to the Imperial City, he always felt tormented about the things he had written in a moment of emotion and did not report back to His Majesty about that rare event. One day, the Emperor invited Bao Cong to the palace to meet the newly born prince on the day Bao Cong went to visit. The prince was extremely handsome and plump, but he had a habit of crying all day, so the Emperor did not know what to do. Bao Cong found it strange to see that in the palm of the Prince’s hand there seemed to be a line of words. When he looked closely, he saw that it was the right sentence: Ninh does evil, good thing. Too surprised and embarrassed, Bao Cong used his hand to erase, strangely, the words disappeared, and the Prince immediately stopped crying.

His Majesty was very surprised, asked why, then Bao Cong was scared and knelt down to tell the story.

That night, Bao Cong rested his head on the pillow of “yin and yang” to go to the underworld in a dream. According to the King of Hell, it turned out that the Prince, because he had done great evil deeds in his previous lives, was arranged to pay bad karma in 3 lives: the first life was crippled, the second life was blind, and the third life was paralyzed. lightning strikes to death.

But in the first life, the boy had done good deeds, so the time to repay the karma was shortened and God made him blind. After going blind, he still did not complain but continued to do good, so he was arranged to pay off all his karma in one life.

One life pays off all the karma for three lives, and is also reincarnated as the reigning Crown Prince, enjoying the fate of the Son of Heaven, isn’t that what “Victory wins numbers”!

Story 2: The mind changes generals

Cao Bin was a famous general of the Song dynasty, having great merit in pacifying the world and supporting Song Thai To.

Once, Cao Bin happened to meet Tran Hi Di, a famous person who was erudite and very good at reading general arts. Tran Hi Di looked at his appearance and said: The two sides of the bones are convex, the seal is wide open, the eyes are long, shining with light, will surely soon be rich. However, there is a bad general such as a high jaw, a late mouth, and may not enjoy happiness in old age. And advise every time you go out to war, you should treat them with leniency, to create merit for old age.

General Cao Bin's change of mind
General Cao Bin’s change of mind

Cao Bin bowed his head to thank Tran Hi Di and always remembered that word. During a battle, the generals and subordinates had a policy of killing the people in the city to show their prestige. But Cao Bin ordered that it was strictly forbidden to kill innocent people, abuse women, or plunder property. After the war ended, he even provided food for the exiles to return to his hometown, and the people were extremely grateful for his benevolent heart.

Some time later, Cao Bin again received orders to lead troops to fight Jiangnan, but because he couldn’t bear to see the people suffering, he said he was sick and did not go. The generals under his command came to visit and inquire about his condition before departing, and they were all instructed by him:

My disease cannot be cured by any medicine, but as long as you sincerely swear that when you invade Jiangnan, you must not arbitrarily kill the people, my illness will automatically improve.

The generals and subordinates, who respected Cao Bin very much, took an oath together, so that countless civilians were safe from the abuse. Cao Bin’s compassion also made the people of Jiangnan very grateful, they took the initiative to bring food to welcome the imperial soldiers. Thanks to that, this battle was quickly won without losing many lives, while protecting the people’s property.

After a while, Cao Bin happened to meet Tran Hi Di again. After looking closely at his appearance for a while, Tran Hi Di exclaimed:

Strange! Last year, when I looked at the generals, I saw that he had a high jaw and a stagnant mouth, and he was not blessed when he was old. But at this time, I see him again with a full mouth and lips with a wonderful golden light all over his face and beard, and will definitely live a long life and have many blessings.

Cao Bin saw it again and asked again: What is Kim Quang?

Tran Hi Di replied slowly: It is the light of merit. If a person has negative virtue, a yellow light will appear on his face, bright eyes, and a good mood. Such a person will not only live a long life, but his descendants will also benefit from his blessings.

Sure enough, Cao Bin lived very leisurely until the end of his life, passed away gently, at the age of 69, and after his death was also posthumously awarded the title of Prince Teyang. He had 9 sons, all 9 were famous generals, descendants of many glorious generations.

Some idioms have the same meaning as the virtue of winning numbers

  • 谋事在人 (mó shì zái ren) means: human intrigue
  • 人定胜天 (ren ding shèng tiān) means: human determination wins over heaven
  • (shì zái rén wéi) means: scheming in person
  • (rén zhong shèng tiān) means people win over heaven

The above article is a detailed content about What is the ability to win the number? Hopefully, after reading the article, readers have got the answer to the above question. Living virtuously, tolerantly, altruistically, loving others, with a good heart is the best way to change fate, achieve success and happiness!


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