Bút thử điện là gì? Top 5 bút thử điện tốt nhất hiện nay

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Electric tester is the term must be no stranger to many people, right? Especially those who work in electrical related professions. In today’s article, we will suggest to you the top 5 best, smart, safe electric testers that are used the most!

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What is an electric tester?


The electric tester is known as a device whose main use is to check whether areas such as sockets and plugs in the house have electricity. General structure of a car electric tester typically consists of a metal tip, a spring, a neon bulb, and a resistor in series with the bulb.


On what principle does the electric tester work?

The low voltage tester uses the parasitic capacitive effect on the human body to work. As soon as the tip of the tester is placed on or near a live object, the current will flow through the resistor, the lamp and the capacitance of the human body in turn to form a closed circuit, resulting in light bulb lights up.

Top 5 types of electric test pens that are commonly used today

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There are many models on the market today electric tester difference. Here, let’s find out the top 5 most commonly used products!

1. Stanley 66-119 . electric tester

In the first place in the top 5 of the best electric testers, the most commonly used today is the Stanley 66-119. The product comes from a brand originating in the US but made in China. The pen shell is made of synthetic resin with high durability, good heat resistance as well as corrosion resistance, no warping, no deformation when subjected to strong impact.


The product works to support current testing with a measuring range of 100-500V. Not only used in households, but also used by many electricians. The pen has a compact size, the tail of the pen also has a slot for convenient hanging in different positions. The shell is anti-slip, so when holding it, it will be very firm, not slipping, ensuring safety. Therefore, it is always trusted and used by many users.

The length of the pen is 50cm, the inner part of the pen is made with a special material to provide the best current sensing ability. However, the disadvantage of the Stanley 66-119 . electrical tester This is unusable in case of wall power.

Reference price: 21,000 VND.

2. Stanley cheap electronic test pen 66-133

Stanley 66-133 is also a Stanley electric tester, manufactured according to modern American technology, quality assurance and reasonable price. For those of you who don’t know, Stanley is a brand that specializes in providing leading American industrial tools such as hand-held industrial tools, industrial engineering tools, pneumatic tools, electronic diagnostics, and hydraulic tools. force, cutter, crusher, etc.


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Stanley electric tester 66-133 Compact size, convenient for operation and easy to carry and store. The product has a body made of high-quality synthetic plastic, good heat resistance, absolute corrosion resistance, anti-warping, deformation under strong impact. Meanwhile, the pen core is made of a special material capable of detecting and checking current while ensuring safety for users.

This electric tester does not rust when exposed to frequent wet conditions, can work in harsh conditions. The product has 2 colors, black and yellow, you can choose the color classification you like.

Reference price: 96,000 VND.

3. Fluke 1AC-A1–II . Smart Electrical Tester

The Fluke 1AC-A1–II is a smart, modern electrical tester that is sure to be a useful, worthwhile tool. This product will help you to test voltage quickly without touching the measuring object. You just need to put the probe into the junction, then the device will automatically show the result with an indicator light.


When the probe lights up red and the pen beeps, it means voltage is flowing. It is suitable for use at home and also for electricians, maintenance and service personnel as well as safety personnel. The device’s operating range is from 200V – 1000V, the rugged shell meets IP40 standards along with its compact size, easy to hold and carry when needed.

Fluke 1AC-A1–II . Electrical Test Pen has a design like a writing pen with a cylindrical body with square edges, in addition, there is a hook at the end to attach it to a pocket very conveniently.

Reference price: 820,000 VND.

4. In-wall electric tester 8802

If you are looking for a cheap electric tester, you definitely cannot ignore the SP-8801 electric tester that we introduce right here. SP-8802 is an in-wall electric tester, which means it is capable of testing for the presence of electric current on a line or any object that you feel suspicious about.


Similar to the electric tester On the other hand, this product also has a compact design with an outer shell made of thick, sturdy plastic. When you place the tip of the electric tester about 1-2 cm away from the current, the light will flash to signal the presence of current without having to make direct contact with the object. This helps to ensure higher safety than conventional electric testers. It can also be used to test fault currents underground, wall or ground current…

Signal of SP-8802 Extremely light with extremely high accuracy, with built-in light to illuminate in the dark. The pen is composed of a sensitive magnetic field sensor that detects power from 90V – 1000V. When you buy this product, you also get 2 extra 1.5V AA batteries.

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Reference price: 32,000 VND.

5. Asaki AK-9059 electronic test pen with electronic display

Finally, the Asaki AK-9059 electric tester of Asaki Tools from China. This is known as a factory specializing in designing and manufacturing industrial products and is exported to many markets around the world. Electric tester High-end multifunction AK-9059 is designed with a slightly curvaceous body with 2 main colors, orange and gray.


With this electric test pen, you will be easy to hold, convenient to operate and have high friction, good anti-slip. The body of the pen is made of lightweight plastic, the power card, durable and good bearing. The inside of the pen is made of high-quality materials, which are not oxidized or abrasive, so you can use it in many different environmental conditions without worrying about any problems.

In particular, on the body of the AK-9059 there is also a screen to display the voltage indicator, this is an advantage that not all electric testers have. Accompanied by an indicator light system to easily identify whether there is current or not. Products are widely used in industrial electricity, civil electricity as well as construction works.

Reference price: 70,000 VND.

How to use electric tester effectively and safely

How to use electric tester extremely simple, but you need to handle it carefully to ensure that there are no electrical problems during the electrical test.

Use an electric tester to check the AC line

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  • To test the AC power line, you just need to put the pen into one of the 2 pins, if it is a hot wire, the electric tester will light up, and if it is a cold wire, the pen will not light up.


  • If the light is at electric tester light when in contact with the phase wire or the neutral wire, it means that there is a problem with that power source, you must check the power source immediately to avoid causing danger when using electricity. Since the neutral wire has no power, the tester will not light up.

Use an electric tester to distinguish ac from d.c. or distinguish the electrodes of a d.c. source

  • When the bulb of the electric tester is energized, only the pole connected to the negative pole of the DC power supply will glow.
  • Meanwhile, when tested with an AC source, both poles of the neon bulb will alternate as +/- poles, so both poles glow.
  • When connecting electric tester into the (+) and (-) poles of the DC circuit, only the pole connected to the (-) pole of the power source will glow.

Note: Electrical testers cannot be used to test DC voltage because they use parasitic capacitance on the human body to conduct electricity. In addition, the pen will cause a shock if the internal bulb or resistor is touched due to water getting inside.

Above are our suggestions for the top 5 most widely used good electrical testers today. If you are in need of buying electric tester You can refer to it!


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