BBQ là gì? Vì sao BBQ lại được yêu thích như vậy?


Chào mừng bạn đến với website Eduboston, Hôm nay eduboston.vn sẽ giới thiệu đến bạn về bài viết BBQ là gì? Vì sao BBQ lại được yêu thích như vậy?, Hãy cùng chúng tôi tìm hiểu rõ hơn về bài viết BBQ là gì? Vì sao BBQ lại được yêu thích như vậy? bên dưới.

For a long time, meeting friends and relatives … organizing a BBQ party is a type of relaxation and entertainment that is loved by many people. However, not many people actually understand the concept of BBQ. Today, eduboston.vn will go with you to find the answer to this question, thereby also explaining why. BBQ loved so much?

BBQ meats are loved everywhere, by many audiences (Source: Internet)

What is BBQ?

BBQ is an acronym for barbecue to refer to Cooking meat directly on coal. The meat commonly used for grilling is pork, beef, chicken, lamb, goat meat… is cut into pieces or left whole. Today, BBQ also refers to a type of outdoor food festival, where people grill food together with outdoor activities or camping.

Currently, BBQ is popular with everyone, so many restaurants and eateries have opened specializing in serving this type with a variety of forms (A la carte, buffet… ).

Why is BBQ so popular?

Firstly, what makes BBQ attractive is the marinated pieces of meat and then grilled directly on the grill in direct contact with the fire of the embers. This makes for an irresistible taste of the Grill BBQ. If you try grilling meat on an electric or gas stove, you will see a clear difference.

The second factor that makes BBQ so popular is the “invisible string” that binds people together. Sessions BBQ party It is an ideal opportunity to gather people together, each person contributing a part to the barbecue party. Besides, during the barbecue, they have the opportunity to chat with each other.

BBQ is an opportunity for everyone in the family to gather together to eat and chat (Source: Internet)

The interesting origin of BBQ

Up to now, the origin of BBQ is still a controversial topic. At first, there were many people who thought that America was the origin of BBQ. With Texas famous for its vast sites, the owners here organize outdoor cooking to create famous BBQ beef dishes, then there is California with chicken and seafood BBQ.

According to some accounts, BBQ was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 when he arrived in the Dominican Republic when he saw natives grilling chunks of meat over open fires. However, for some immigrants in the US, it is a dish made by the French, because BBQ comes from the French word “barbe-a-que” – “from snout to tail” – referring to meat. grilled is skewered on a stick.

Some others recounted that BBQ, which has existed for a long time in European countries, was discovered that if you roast beef or pork, it will bring a very good taste. But it is extremely common on the Caribbean islands, Mexico and the northern part of South America. In the 1800s, BBQ was first “introduced” in Texas.

Interesting things around BBQ

– In Australia, people often invite each other to the park to organize BBQ parties. So, most of the parks in Australia, are equipped with free ovens.

– One of the secrets of making BBQ attractive is in the sauce. It is increasingly loved and gradually applied to other dishes.

People in Northern Mexico like to make BBQ with goat meat, while Central Mexican people often use lamb. People living on the Caribbean island especially love seafood BBQ dishes, especially fish. And Europeans often make BBQ from beef and pork. Koreans have grilled beef ribs or Galbi and served with kimchi and raw vegetables.

Grilled directly on charcoal creates an attractive taste for BBQ dishes (Source: Internet)

Hopefully, through the article that eduboston.vn has shared, you will have more interesting knowledge about food in life. If you are planning to hold a family gathering on the weekend, why not try organizing a BBQ party for everyone to join!

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