8 Dụng cụ làm bánh cơ bản nhất định phải có trong nhà bếp

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For bakers or people who love baking, shopping and preparing the necessary tools is the minimum requirement. So where are the baking tools must have. Let’s take a look at the names you have in turn to see which items you have in here.

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1. Toaster oven – an important baking tool


The oven is an important appliance. baking tools A must-have for any baker. Except for some cakes that don’t need an oven like Pancake, flan, most other cakes need an oven to cook. So you should consider investing in an oven when learning to bake as well as for long-term use.


On the market, there are many types of ovens from many brands with different prices. If you are just starting to learn how to bake, you should choose a small, affordable oven. More importantly, whichever type of oven you choose, keep the following points in mind:

  • Toaster ovens with a minimum capacity of 30 liters should be selected. If you often make large cakes like Baguette, you should choose an oven with a capacity of 42 – 50 liters.
  • The oven has a full heat bar above and below, also known as upper and lower fire.
  • Select the type that can adjust the temperature, time as well as heat modes.

Reference: What type of oven should I buy? Top 10 Best Ovens Today

2. Oven thermometer

This is a must-have tool no matter what type of oven you use. Using an oven thermometer will help you know the correct temperature and the actual temperature inside the oven to better align it with each type of cake.


Oven thermometers are usually designed to be compact, not taking up too much space. Products made from safe materials, do not worry about melting. The oven thermometer also requires high accuracy, so you can rest assured when choosing to use it.

3. Weighing tools

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In order to make cakes in the right proportions, the ingredients you need must have accurate measuring tools to ensure the quality of the final result. Baking tools This is extremely important especially for those who are just starting to learn how to bake.

In which, measuring tools for baking include: Tablespoon scale – about 15ml tablespoon, Teaspoon – 5ml teaspoon, 240ml cup – measuring cup and electronic scale.


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Up to now, the units of Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Cup have all been standardized, so using a measuring spoon or measuring cup is essential. For these baking tools, you should choose metal or plastic materials because there will be times when you need to weigh hot ingredients. The average price ranges for spoons or cups from 50,000 VND to 150,000 VND.

The electronic scale will weigh the most accurate results of the ingredients in the recipe. The price of electronic scales is currently about 180,000 VND or more.

4. Egg beater

How to make a cake without an egg beater. To beat eggs we have hand whisk, hand whisk, tabletop whisk and Blender With egg beater.

In particular, the hand-held swing is the cheapest, simple, easy to use but requires the most effort.

Hand-held egg beaters have many types, prices also range from cheap popular goods to high-end products with more money. The equipment is rich enough to meet the needs of customers.

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In addition, the blender with the egg beater is also used for many different purposes, so it is quite convenient.

The desktop egg beater is the one with the largest capacity. They can beat both flour and more ingredients. If you have a bakery, you should choose this machine that will last a long time and make more for a batch.

5. Cake tools mix ingredients

It is best to buy a separate set of metal bowls of different sizes to mix baking ingredients. But if you are just starting to learn, you can immediately take advantage of the large bowls or pots available in the kitchen to save money.

And do not forget the process of sifting flour will help the cake become more fluffy. The comb sieves will prevent the powder from being lumpy and not smooth.


6. Kneading tools

The process of making cakes is indispensable for kneading the dough. In this step, bakers often use tools such as a spatula, wooden spoon or dough roller. The craftsman will put the ingredients in a bowl and then use a spatula to mix them well. Next is to use force to knead the dough in the required time of each type of cake.

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Mixer/mixer: Tools can be made of silicone, plastic and metal. The spatula not only helps knead the dough better but also helps to scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl cleaner.

Wooden spoon: This tool is not really required, but it is essential when you cook cream sauces or stir dough, cook ingredients before kneading dough to make bread.

Dough roller: This is an essential tool for a flour mill worker when making cookies, bread, etc.


Currently, the above tools are all integrated in the same kneading machine. Electrical equipment consists of a motor, a machine body, a beater and a flour container. The machine is made of high-strength stainless steel material, ensuring food safety and good strength. You just need to put the prepared ingredients into the mixing bowl, install the fork and turn on the automatic mode for the machine to operate. The machine will work to knead the dough with a smooth, high consistency. The ingredients are mixed with no effort at all.

7. Non-stick baking sheet

Non-stick baking sheet is a useful tool to help bakers save a lot of effort when making different types of cakes. You just need to use this non-stick baking sheet instead of non-stick for the baking tray. Most baking sheets are made of non-stick silicone and fiberglass materials, so they are easy to clean and can be reused many times. Silpat baking sheet is also resistant to high temperatures, so many people choose to use it instead of baking paper or oil-absorbing paper. All types of baking sheets must meet high requirements for durability and toughness. After each use, you can wash it, let it dry, and roll it up for storage.


This tool is very versatile when it can meet many baking processes such as rolling dough, kneading dough, etc. The product does not absorb odors and is not harmful to health. The non-stick baking sheet also has a large area so it is easy to knead the dough and bake. Usually, on each baking sheet, dimensions are designed on the edge to make it easier for users to divide the dough. The circle has a pre-printed diameter to make it easier to knead and divide the dough according to needs.

8. Apron tools, baking gloves

In addition to these baking tools then you also need equipment to support the chef. The apron will prevent dirt from the clothes from sticking to the ingredients when making cakes. On the other hand, it is also possible to limit the flour and other ingredients that stick to the clothes, which will be difficult to clean and lose the aesthetic.

And baking gloves will be used when you need to take the baking tray out of the oven to avoid the heat from the tray and the internal temperature from affecting the skin of your hands. Thick fabric gloves or silicone gloves are available on the market. But the most popular and diverse are still thick cloth gloves.

The full preparation of the baking tools will greatly support your work and passion. You should choose a quality one because you will use it many times and over the years. So investing in good baking tools is never a loss.


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